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How to create a vintage vibe in your house

Over the last number of years we have undertaken some seriously extensive renovation work on our home.  While pouring over articles on interiors one trend kept popping up time and time again….the vintage theme.  This trend has really stuck around over the last number of years and its really easy to see why.  More and more we are seeing the mixing of high street with high end to create the perfect vintage vibe. Some tips I have gleaned from my research are below:

  • One of the first things I learned and come up many times in my research was that “vintage” and “old” are not the same thing!!

    Vintage tea pot

    Pic Credit: Pixabay

  • Mix and match! By mixing new with re-purposed goods you can add that extra dept to the project. For example these gorgeous glass wall lights from Cox & Cox give that vintage feel and when paired with for example some vintage furniture, it would really compliment the look
  • Be realistic with the old products you buy. If something requires an inordinate amount of work carefully consider whether its the project for you especially if you are DIY challenged like me
  • Simple, simple, simple, as tempting as it is to include every vintage style piece, ornament etc be clever with what you use in the space.  I love the look of a couple of cool statement vintage furniture pieces which do the talking for themselves paired with some minimal ornaments and modern pieces for that added depth.
  • Carefully consider the floor covering, look for features that will help to make your flooring last such as a product that is stain or scratch resistant, that has clean sharp line and wont detract from the furniture which is the feature piece of the room.  Ideal option is a floor covering such as a resin floor.  Particularly in a family house, will hopefully increase its longevity and ultimately add to that vintage vibe, making the floor the ideal back drop to showcase that vintage inspired room.
  • Those more in the know that me suggest adding plants works well in a vintage themed room.
  • Avoid the twee accessories – bunting im looking at you!! You want to create nostalgic feeling.
  • Include your own personality, I really feel that is critical

If anybody has  more ideas id love to hear them. While im no DIY expert I really do think this interior trend is not going anywhere soon.


Note: This is a collaborative post
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