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How to Create the Ultimate Den in Your Home

Your kitchen is where you cook up lots of lovely meals to keep your family full and healthy, but it doesn’t need to be the heart of the home. Your living room can easily become the ultimate nest for the whole family, the place where you spend long winter nights together snuggled up and in absolute comfort. 

Many northern Europeans take the notion of cosiness seriously. You have to, when daylight hours are minimal and dark clouds often make the days feel dreary. 

If you aren’t yet completely satisfied with how cosy your home is, follow this guide to create the ultimate den and finish it just in time for the upcoming winter. 

Use Natural Materials 

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We are connected to the natural world. Simply spending time out in a field or in the woods on a walk can do wonders for our health and mental wellbeing. In winter, of course, you won’t have the ability to just head out for a comfortable walk. In winter, you need to bring all those comforts into your home.

This can be done in two ways. The first is to use natural materials. Woods, natural textiles and earthy tones can all do wonders to make the place visually comfortable. 

The second way is to use houseplants to add that element of the outdoors throughout the year. House plants can really improve the comfort of a space, making them the perfect way to increase the cosiness of your den during winter (and summer alike). 

Upgrade the Fireplace 

Every great den needs a fireplace, but that fireplace also needs to work well with how you and your family live. You don’t need to have a woodburning fireplace when you can have a flueless fireplace, an electric fireplace or a gas fireplace from stonewoods.co.uk, one that has zero clean-up but all the creature comforts. 

Not only will the fire instantly improve the look of your den, but you can also go further and invest in antique features, like fireplace tiles or mantels, to truly make your living room otherworldly with comfort. No matter what kind of fireplace you want, ensure that the design is superb, and you will have invested in a timeless comfort that you will enjoy for the rest of your life in your home.  

Add Multiple Lounging Corners 

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A big comfortable couch is a great feature piece in a living room. If you can, however, try to add multiple lounging corners in your den. This way, you can change the perspective of your living room and keep it interesting and engaging throughout the winter. A window seat, for example, a reading nook in the corner, and a living room set can give your family three ways to enjoy your den. 

Add Comfort 

Pillows, comfortable couches, blankets, rugs – they all do wonders for your comfort levels. Invest in high-quality versions to really improve the comfort of your living room throughout the winter and beyond. You could even add floor comfort, so that your kids can enjoy playing on the floor while you are on the couch. With comfortable décor, the options are limitless and changeable. 

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