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My Favourite Travel Apps

My favourite Travel Apps

For anyone from frequent fliers to travel amateurs, there are plenty of travel apps out there available for easy download to make planning your next trip easier than ever. Whether it is an app for finding the nearest bathroom on the road or alerting you when flight prices drop, there is no doubt that traveling is becoming easier and easier.


Hopper is an app used for analyzing different prices of flights and hotels daily, alerting you when prices are starting to drop. You type in your dream destination, and it will let you know if prices are low and you should book it, or if you should hold off until prices start to drop a little more. This app saves users so much money on trips that could have cost them thousands of dollars more.


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Kayak allows users to filter flight airlines, departure times, hotels, and car rentals, while also allowing you to change locations and dates. After booking your vacation, the app alerts and updates you on your flight’s status, security wait times, and where your airport terminal is. For these perks, Kayak wins the best app for filtering hotels and airlines.


Long are the days where hotels were the best option for finding where to stay, as Airbnb has taken over the world. You look up your location like “Baton Rouge houses for sale,” and all kinds of houses, apartments, and rooms will pop up. Airbnb allows you to also filter amenities, such as washing and drying machines or a pool, giving users all of the satisfaction they can ask for.


The best app on the market for road trips appropriately goes by the name of RoadTrippers. The app maps your journey on the road, while also giving recommendations for food, roadside attractions, scenic spots, and other things you may encounter on your trip. It also gives you routes of favorite road trips if you want to skip the route planning part of the journey.


If you are traveling somewhere in a different time zone, follow the athletes and world travelers by using Timeshifter. This app was created by scientists that used circadian neuroscience to help you keep jet lag away. This is perfect for anyone that has to be healthily awake and aware when they arrive at their destination or anyone that wants to skip the first few long days and nights fighting off jet lag.


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Also, for international travelers, Rome2Rio allows users to enter any city, street, landmark, or location and finds information on what to do in that area and other accommodations. It also gives directions on how to get around the cities and compares costs for you.

App in the Air

App in the Air is the best app for frequent fliers, as it keeps track of boarding passes, itineraries, boarding and landing times, and current waits for security and customs. It also gives recommendations from reviews from other users, allowing all frequent fliers to unite in one place.

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