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How To Make Your Garden More Secure

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Our  garden forms a pivotal part of out family life and as such your garden is one of the main ways you can create a secure fence around your home. Once the boundaries of your property are safe, it can give homeowners peace of mind. Having the right measures in place will successfully put off any potential intruders and actively safeguard your belongings. Having had the misfortune of this happening to us in 2015 it really does leave a lasting impact.

If you have a log cabin, this can be another reason you’ll want to ensure your garden is secure. There are several secure log cabins for sale in the UK that can be a great storage option for the garden.

Some of the best ways you can secure your garden so you can assess the current level of safety and what you may need to do are set out below and this is with the befit of experience and hindsight.



  • Putting up fences


Does your property have fences around it? If not, this will add an essential element of security around your home. The fences should be solid and built firmly but depending on the type you wish to have, you may need to check with your local planning office.

An additional security measure would be growing a prickly tree with thorns on around the fences to further deter thieves. You also want to consider the height of the fence so that people cannot easily see into your property.


  • Are your hedges high enough?


If you have hedges then that’s great. Hedges serve as an effective barrier that form a thick wedge between the outside world and your house. They also add to the greenery of your garden so fortunately aren’t an eyesore. For us the hedges from another important function and thats a sound barrier to the noisy road which our house backs on to.


  • Add gates  


Depending on the size of your property, you may want to consider adding gates and locking them to up for extra peace of mind. Gates can be an inexpensive security measure you can easily enhance be further enhanced by fitting locks at the top and bottom.


  • Lights


Evaluating the brightness of your lighting in the garden is essential. Also, checking the sensors are working so that the lights come on when they detect movement is another must for extra security. It will also come in handy whenever you’re outdoors at night. This was perhaps the biggest change we made. I joke with Dada Fairy that most likely our house is visible from space with the amount of outdoor lights we have installed since the break in.

Garden shed door

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  • Secure valuable furnishings


If you have a container or feature that is worth a bit of money, it’s worth securing this to the ground with cement to prevent theft. Local garden centres might have some smart items that help secure these even further.


  • Put all your valuables in the shed


Valuable gardening tools and equipment should be stored in outbuildings to protect them. Try not to leave bicycles, scooters and other items which might be inviting lying around in the garden.


  • Think about fitting alarms and CCTV cameras


Installing alarms can be a valuable detector for movement that alerts you when someone is closer than they should be. Also, CCTV cameras can give you that extra peace of mind and is a definite deterrent to any possible intruders.

These simple things can be added to increase the security of your garden and home. Doing so is worth the effort and could save you a lot of hassle down the line.



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