How to Properly Care For Your Scrub Pants

If you are a health care worker, then you should know that your scrubs, particularly your scrub pants are a very important part of your job because it make sure that you are comfortable enough in your clothes that you can move around unrestricted while also still having the air of professionalism whenever you wear them.

Now, because of the nature of your job, it is very easy for them to get dirty or even just smell bad and look worse for wear, so you will wash them frequently, but this too-frequent washing can actually damage your scrubs– in that case, let us offer you some ways on how to properly care for your scrubs, let us get into it.

  • Sorting and Washing

What we recommend at this stage is that you sort your scrubs and all your other clothes according to their color and fabric so you can avoid color bleeding and damage to their zippers and buttons. If you have a washing machine, then use the gentle cycle and as much as possible, use cold water and avoid harsh detergents or bleach so you can avoid bleeding out.

  • Drying

When talking about scrub pants, you have to avoid using the dryers in your machines when drying them out because this can damage the fabric leading to much lower longevity (in some cases, their scrubs also shrunk after being put in the dryer!). What we recommend that you do is to air dry it and just hang it in a well-ventilated area on a nice sunny day.

  • Removing the Wrinkles

Although this part seems completely unnecessary, it is in fact a very important step because not only does it make you look more professional in the eyes of the patient, it also preserves the quality of the fabric because leaving wrinkles alone can cause tears in some situations. 

Sometimes, looking well-kept and clean because you have ironed out your scrub pants will help make the patients trust you more which can lead to better care. We recommend ironing in the low to medium heat setting to avoid any burns on the garment and most importantly, to follow the instructions in the label so you won’t have any accidents.


So, at the end of the day, having well taken care of pants can save you alot of time, money, and effort so why dont you give these tips a try?

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