Real Estate Trends in 2021

The housing market has both gained and lost strength in the past few years. The housing market will always change, never throw in its towel, and be a complicated area to understand. Fortunately for people, you can understand the fundamentals and stay on top of the changes and learn the market inside out. From pricing to what people can afford, you will need to say on top of this information not to get left behind. 

Deliquesces And Foreclosures 

As these are on the rise thanks to the pandemic among other areas, you will see more foreclosures coming up this year and decidedly making a list for real estate trends in 2021 that you need to watch out for. This is something that investors need to pay attention to and understand how to use to their advantage. While there are measures to prevent this from happening as much, it is still an issue, and the foreclosures offer investors a unique opportunity for gaining attention.

The Different Cycles

Seasons have cycles; the real estate market does too. It will experience highs and lows, times of booming, and times of significant busts. The extremes can get pretty low in many cases, and as such, this is another area on the rise this year. The lending standards are also stricter now than they used to be, so if something does happen, companies and agents are protected. However, this also ensures that housing demand is high for this year and the next two following.


Another thing to look out for this year? Mortgages are going up, and it’s not coming down just yet. The mortgage rate is already almost five percent more than it was in December of last year. If you have a fixed-rate loan, those are practically four percent higher. If you compare this to the increasing home prices, you will see that not everyone will afford a home. While the rates are still considered lower than years past, the fact that they are rising is still nothing to scoff at. 

Supply In Demand

Purchase demand is waning, and it hasn’t helped the market’s supply. This means that people want houses, but they can’t get them because the price doesn’t meet what they can pay, and there are not enough houses to supply everyone’s needs. These problems are likely to affect not only this year but the following year as well. It is also a more significant problem in the south rather than the north, with some states having a seventy percent drop in houses’ availability. 

Know What To Watch

By paying attention to the real estate market, you can be ahead of the others in the same boat, keep your chances of finding your dream house strong, and keep your stress levels low.  If you’re looking at London properties for instance, find an estate agent that encourages you to explore Hammersmith properties with us and see what’s available on the market. You can learn so much about what appeals to you and what doesn’t when it comes to property by conducting lots of research in the area you wish to purchase.

At the moment Estate Agents are seeing a rise in pope looking to buy close to the sea.  It is believed covid and the increased work from home ability is driving people to find the ultimate house of their dreams and for many of us thats by the sea.

Finding the best home for yourself can be a daunting task, but knowing the housing market makes all the difference. 

Note: This is a collaborative post

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