How to Raise an Environmentally Conscious Child

The effect of climate change isn’t one that we can run away from much longer. By the year 2050, extreme drought and flooding are predicted if we don’t act now. For a safer and brighter future for our children, it’s vital for us all to practice environmental consciousness. We have teamed up with an independent school in London to share advice on how to raise an environmentally conscious child.

An Appreciation for Nature

To start, focus on developing a love and respect for the natural environment. By having a connection with nature, your child will be more engaged in efforts to preserve it. You can do this by going on nature trails, cycling and camping trips.

Teach Your Child About the Planet

By learning how climate change works, even if in very few details, your child can begin to understand why such small changes are so important. Children love listening to stories and there are plenty out there to help them make sense of this. Books that you might find useful are ‘What a Waste’ by Jess French, ‘Old Enough to Save the Planet’ by Loll Kirby and ‘The Story of Climate Change’ by Catherine Barr.

Reduce Your Consumption Where You Can

By demonstrating your efforts to make a change, you can encourage your children to do the same. By remembering to switch off devices after yourself at the mains, disposing of recycling correctly and walking to places that are only a short distance away. 

Up-cycle Together

Show your child how fun being less wasteful can be. Living in an environmentally conscious way doesn’t need to be restrictive and can even promote creativity. As an activity to do together, you might want to use household items like milk bottles to transform them into watering cans or toy sculptures. The same can be done with clothing and household decorations. 

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