Top Global Destinations for Language Learning

Learning another language is a rich and rewarding experience. It is excellent for developing your cognitive abilities; at the same time, language learning lets you travel more freely and engage with a culture in a way that isn’t possible otherwise. So whether you want to learn English, French, or Mandarin, the best place to learn is by immersing yourself in the culture.   


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The English language has its roots in many European languages, including Latin, Greek, and French, but it was on the island of Britannia that English as we know it began to take shape. If you want an authentic experience of the language and the accent, head to London town. 

There are plenty of language schools to choose from in London, some will teach you faster than others, and some will have interactive activities. The benefit of learning English in London is the fact that so few people speak your native tongue, so you’ll be forced to learn faster and better.    


London is an excellent place for an authentic experience of English, but it isn’t the only one. Australia might have a different accent, but it’s as close to standard British English as you can find anywhere in the world. It has the added benefit of being warm and sunny all year round. 

If blue skies and blue oceans appeal to you more than cloudy skies and frequent rain, you might want to consider Sydney for your language learning experience. As with London, Sydney has plenty of language schools to choose from. Alternatively, you could apply for a working holiday.  


Chinese is the most widely spoken language globally; there are 1.3 billion Chinese speakers making up a massive 15% of the global population. In recent times, Chinese people have travelled widely for work and study, increasing the range and diversity of the language. 

It’s not surprising if you’re thinking of learning Chinese to improve your prospects in the future. China is one of the strongest economies in the world, and it’s growing steadily. Learning to speak Chinese with a mandarin interpreter can increase your opportunities for work and travel. 


French is a delightful language to listen to, and it’s even more satisfying to speak. The trouble is that learning French from your home country lacks the immersion and authenticity you need to really engage with the language and embed it in your experience. So why not live there instead? 

Learning French is an excellent excuse to live in Paris for an extended period. Not only can you learn French amongst native speakers, but you can also enjoy Paris life. Paris has some world-famous historical sites and art exhibitions to visit – they also have some incredible food.   


Whether you want to learn English, French, or something else, Vancouver is a top destination. Vancouver is a cosmopolitan city that regularly wins awards for being the best city to live in. That’s not surprising when you consider the sports, leisure, and entertainment it has to offer.   

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