The Benefits of Coding Lessons for Children

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Since 2014, the national curriculum has changed. IT now includes lessons on coding to help children prepare for the future and the changing needs of the labour market. With the digital revolution taking place, it is expected that 75% of job opportunities in the future will involve some level of advanced digital skills.

This post is in collaboration with a prep school in Oxfordshire.

Coding Can Be Fun

Coding is fun for a lot of people. Those that like experimenting, problem solving and trying new things will really come into their element when coding. However, it can be frustrating for others. It means trial and error which can test their patience.

Practicing Patience

That can also be a good thing. Life has never been easier thanks to smartphones and the internet. Everything is just one or two searches away. Patience is a great virtue to have. To help children to build resilience and how to remain calm. Coding is a nice exercise to practice.

Job Security and Prospects

As we know, having digital skills can help children in preparation for the future. It can protect them by offering job security when industries change and evolve. It can also increase their earning potential as coding-related roles earn £47,500 on average.

Everyday Applications

Almost everything around us uses code. Whether that’s a streetlamp or a car entertainment system, it’s all programmed. Learning about code can help children to develop a greater understanding and appreciation for the technology that they come across in their day to day and give them the capability to work with it.

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Note: This is a collaborative post

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