How To Set Up An App

To those of you with an entrepreneurial spark, setting up your own app might sound like a tempting and lucrative idea in this day and age. There are many things to think about as you go about each step of the process. You need to ask yourself initial questions like, “Will it be useful?”, or, “Will it make sense?”. What is the purpose of your app and who are you creating it for?


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Brainstorm your ideas, keeping the sky as the limit. Put your ideas onto paper, plan out practical development plans and think of a prototype for each idea. Try to not to get fixated on one idea, the more ideas you have, the more chance you have of success in the market. After you launch a single idea, give it a few months on the market to test it, if it doesn’t catch on, try out another one of your ideas. If there isn’t a user base developing for it then try another one. 


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When you’re ready to develop an idea it will be necessary for most of you, unless you’re a professional yourself, to hire a developer. There are several different companies available but some are more recommended than others. Xibis, for example offers many development services and has a proven reputation among big brands as well as smaller businesses. You’re looking for a developer with expertise and experience, in order to help take your prototype to market. At the end of the development process your developer will also be responsible for uploading the app to the app stores.



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Money will be a factor and it’s difficult to say how much it costs to set up an up, as it really depends, you could be looking at anywhere from around $3,000-10,000 and that’s just an estimate. There are ways you can save money in the earlier stages and more importantly, think about how you can make more money from your up to break even and eventually make a profit on how much you spent setting it up. For example, it normally works out cheaper to opt for an outsourced provided, who knows what your criteria will be. Later on, if and when you see success in your product, you could move production home. Maintenance and development will be cheaper outsourced, rather than in-house at the beginning. 

Another great option is seeking help from financialadvisers.co.uk. Creating an app can be a very costly process, but with the help of financial advisers, it doesn’t have to be. They can provide you with the guidance and advice you need to save money efficiently so that you can allocate those funds towards developing your app. They can also help you create a budget and financial plan that will suit your unique needs and situation. Working with a financial adviser ensures that your app development process is as affordable as possible.

In order to sell your app you will need to take care of promotion. There are different ways to do this, a good start is with third party endorsement. Get your app reviewed by online bloggers, particularly tech bloggers and press. Afterall, you are looking to start a business essentially here, it might not be realistic to expect to suddenly make millions. Having said that, stay positive, it is a booming business and the future of how we do, pretty much everything. With a level head and the right support you’ll have the world at your fingertips. 


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