Improving Your Kerb Appeal Before You Sell

The concept of improving your homes kerb appeal is probably not something that you would give a huge deal of thought to unless you are selling your home. What exactly is kerb appeal….in its simplest form your homes kerb appeal is that first glance. You want the house to be attractive to potential buyers from that very first glance.  You want your home to naturally draw them in and capture the potential buyers interest.

One of the most significant benefits of improving your homes kerb appeal can be a fast sale of your home. That in itself is a very attractive prospect. Many of us have been there when a sale can drag on for months, not a nice position to be in and the risk also that you loose your own upcoming purchase due to the delay.

Some tips

I am not an expert in the field of property but we have between us sold 3 properties so thought it would be helpful to give some practical tips on what worked for us:

  • the old adage rings true still….first impressions last so nicely painted door and clean windows is a must. Get out that power washer and give them a good clean!

    for sale sign

    Pic Credit: Pixabay

  • Cut the grass and tidy the garden, move bins out of view if possible even if you can utilise window boxes or hanging baskets. Even borrow them if you have to! If the outside looks untidy people will assume the inside is too even if it is not the case
  • Don’t leave lots of clutter in the window that would be visible from outside keep them free and even perhaps a nice vase with flowers in the window. Keep it simple.
  • If the window frames or door itself need a tidy up of paint, its totally worth it
  • Likewise clean guttering and repair if necessary.

While we may have be taught over the years not to judge a book by its cover this doesn’t really apply in the case of selling houses, you want your potential purchaser to be captivated from the minute they set eyes on the house.  And that first view will be the exterior therefore taking the time and even some small investment can reap dividends in terms of 1) how quickly your property could sell and 2) how much you could achieve particularly if a number of buyers become interested in your property.

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