Lunch with Jeff Brazier in London courtesy of Netflix!!!

Following on from this post – I was invited to London to have lunch with Jeff Brazier at the super trendy Hoxton Hotel (check it out here) courtesy of Netflix. The lunch was to mark the launch of the Netflix and DreamWorks Animation collaboration –  Dinotrux Favourites, an entire episode in a 5-minute package. Genius – simple but very effective. Kids think they have won the battle of wills but for parents bedtime is only delayed by five minutes!

Joining me was fellow bloggers Kellie (My Little Bábóg Blog) and Sinead (Bumbles of  Rice), two of the nicest ladies you could meet. Being a newbie blogger I was pretty nervous, but nerves were unfounded they were so welcoming and we had some good fun.

The hotel is amazing, it epitomises London for me – super cool and super trendy with immaculate attention to detail. (If the Dadda Fairy is reading this – yes id love a weekend break here for Christmas!).

During a very tasty lunch Jeff spoke about parenting and his own bed time battles with his boys. Jeff is a life coach and gave some great insights into parenting but with his life couch hat on. One thing that stuck in my head since Tuesday was the phrase “asking appropriate questions at the appropriate time”. This phrase really made me think. In other words don’t bombard them with questions as they walk out the creche/ playschool/ school gate. Like the concept of 5 minute Dinotrux episodes, this advice is so simple yet so effective.london1The whole day went so quickly. The flight home that evening was the evening of Storm Barney, so after initial uncertainty about whether the flight would go or not and whether we would land in Dublin or Belfast, I was pretty glad to be home safe and sound. Nothing like the pilot announcing he will “do his best to land in Dublin” and the cabin crew to proclaim its too dangerous to serve hot drinks on the flight given the stormy conditions to invoke the fear of god in you!!



Thanks to Netflix and fellow bloggers Kellie and Sinead for a fabulous day. Also thanks to Netflix for helping us with those bedtime battles. My Master Negotiator has been outwitted!!

Would love to hear some of your bedtime battle stories.netflix - research


Take Care

~Mamma F

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  • Reply Office Mum November 20, 2015 at 8:43 pm

    Love that advice about questions – I have to hold myself back sometimes from bombarding them!

    • Reply Mamma Fairy November 21, 2015 at 12:05 pm

      I’m the very same as soon as he walks out the playschool door. Being making a conscious effort now not to.

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