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Kitchen extension update

As I have shared a number of times on the blog we are still running quite a major kitchen refurbishment project.  We took on a  mammoth of a 1970’s house which needed total renovation both inside and out.  While I am excited to see the finished product, its been a very stressful couple of years with a number of wobbles along the way.     One of things which was always on my wish list was a big bright and airy kitchen area. I always had visions of having extended family over for lazy lunches and chats around a large kitchen table.  However living at the bottom of a hill surrounded by beautiful but really tall trees, means we get very little natural light and the light we do get comes in the evening time resulting a dark uninviting space.

Roof Lanterns

roof lantern

Pic Credit: Direct Bi-fold doors

We engaged the assistance of an architect who worked with my husband to come up with the best solution given the constraints we faced.  What was decided after much deliberation and google searching was a flat room with a roof lantern. Ill admit I hadn’t heard of nor had I considered a roof lantern prior to this. I suppose my gut feeling was that these feature or statement pieces were for much larger grander projects.  Thankfully over multiple cups of coffee around a make shift table I finally saw sense and decided we would stretch the budget and go with a small size roof lanten.

If your not sure what im taking about see picture opposite of some stunning UK made roof lanterns.  It was totally worth pushing the budget, it floods  the extension with absolutely tonnes of natural light from all angles.  We opted for the triple glazing option due to the proximity to a main road way to minimise the road noise. I expected the frame to be cumbersome and obtrusive  looking. They really aren’t, I suppose improvements in materials and engineering have meant that they can be slimed down so much.


During the recent “best from the East” or Storm Emma, we has quite significant falls of snow and I was a little concerned about the durability of the glass in such conditions as I dont think any of us expected quite as much snow. I had visions of them collapsing under the weight of such significant sow. I can happily attest to the fact they are still intact and in place and the snow didn’t seem to do them any damage. They retain the heat well in Winter and from what I have experience so far they regulate the temperature well in Summer time.

If like me you are unsure, do go and see them. I know our architect has asked if one of his new clients could have a look a the roof lantern as she is unsure how it would work. Im happy to oblige as I really didnt appreciate them until I saw it in position.


Note: This is a collaborative post


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