Engagement Rings 101: Finding Out Her Ring Size

Keeping the wedding proposal a secret has its particular difficulties and attempting to find out her ring size without uncovering yourself can be very tricky. Regardless of which method you pick, you need to be sure you’re going to a trusted jeweller to purchase the engagement ring. 

Take in these tips to get your loved one’s ring size without her finding out. 

Trace her ring on paper.


Trace one of the rings she wears regularly on a sheet of paper. Do this a few times more to ensure that the ring is traced exactly as it is. The main reason for this is that you need to get their size correct so that you can get a ring that is not too loose or too tight on her finger. It would be bad if you get the wrong size and she ends up not being able to wear it right after you propose. Check the selection of engagement rings at https://www.serendipitydiamonds.com/. You may even find other ring styles that you may like.

Borrow one of her rings

Another strategy is to borrow one of her rings for some time. Ensure that you get one of the rings that she wears on her ring finger. Once you have the ring, visit a jeweller who can find out the correct ring size. You should be cautious with this approach as you may end up ruining the surprise when she finds out that one of her rings is missing.

If you’re planning to purchase diamond engagement rings for your loved one, take note of the tips we’ve shared to ensure that you get the right size for her ring. 

Ask the assistance of her close friends
Contrary to what other people think, it’s likely less noticeable when one of your loved one’s close friends ask about her ring size. Some of them may even know the answer already. If you want to be extra cautious, you can pick a friend that has an engagement or wedding band. She can let your loved one try it on or they can go to various jewellers or retail stores and see if there are interesting one-off designs they may like. They can even check what sort of setting, stone, and precious metal your partner likes.

Try out your ninja abilities in the event she’s sleeping
This one is another risky move. The first thing you need to do is to prepare a string for when she is sleeping soundly, ideally with hands-free. Precisely measure her ring finger using the string, ensuring it isn’t so tight or loose. Mark the string with a pen and take it to a jeweller. If they are an exceptional sleeper, you may even try a certain type of ring sizer to get a more accurate measurement.

Look at her fingers in comparison to yours. 
This strategy is somewhat more risky. However, if you are daring, just go ahead and give it a shot! While holding her hand, see if her ring finger is comparable in size to one of your fingers. For instance, her ring finger may be as large as yours. This technique isn’t incredibly precise. However, the more ideas you have on her ring size, the nearer you can get!

If you’re planning to purchase an engagement ring for your loved one, take note of the tips we’ve shared to ensure that you get the right size for her ring. 


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