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Living Spaces With a Twist: 4 Ways to Add a Touch of Artistic Flair Into Your Home Decor


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Room decor looks fine when a family is moving into the new house. But over time, rooms get to look worn, cluttered, and outdated. What can we do to make them look more stylish? How can we add a little artistic flair when the budget is limited? There are ways to make a room look updated with a small investment of money and time. Follow these 4 ways to add flair.

  1. Windows

Start with the windows. We can add or remove window treatments. We can update how the windows are dressed and that will improve the look of a room. Decorative Window Vinyl can be used on windows and on glass walls to add privacy while letting in light. These decorative films can add security and privacy to any home or office while allowing the window to function normally. And, when a person is ready for a change, the film is easily removed to be replaced by a different film pattern.

Office glass walls, entry windows, bedroom or bathroom windows, and windows into storage rooms can all be costed with window films. These films can control UV rays to avoid fading furniture and fabrics, they can add a level of security, and they can prevent a window from shattering. They come in multiple patterns, styles, and colors. Window films can also be used in conjunction with other window treatments.

Removing old shades or blinds and heavy drapery treatments can add light to a room. Use new blinds, shades, or vinyl films to control light and retain privacy. Use drapes to add drama where needed in a color contrasting the walls or blending with the walls. Consider hanging drapery panels at the ceiling. Play around with creative drapery rods for interest.

  1. Walls

The walls are the biggest opportunity to update a room on a small budget. Clean and repair the walls, then paint them a new color in soft neutral colors that make a good backdrop for the existing or new furniture. Don’t leave those newly painted walls blank. Take art or mirrors from other rooms in the home to hang on the walls for a new look. Or, purchase a few pieces of art or a new mirror. Add a bookcase or floor to ceiling shelves to act as a display for favorite books, photos, and accessories. Consider painting the bookcase or shelves to match the wall. Hang art in groups to add drama.

  1. Floors

Pic Credit Pixabay

Update the flooring for a new, fresh look. If there is money in the budget, replace old, stained carpet with new carpet, wood flooring, laminate wood flooring or the latest on trend flooring type is lvt also known as luxury vinyl or click vinyl flooring.  This is an especially good choice for high traffic areas and if you are feeling brave there are some really cool and fun patterns to choose from.  

  1. Accessories

If the major pieces of furniture such as sofas and chairs are being re-used, make them look new again with fun pillows and throw in contrasting colors and designs. Then add accessories that reflect family interests. Mix art and fantasy with Roman statues, figurines, candle holders, and lamps. Put your creativity to work and create a place that is cozy and functional for the family. One last thing, though.  Keep accessories to a level that adds interest but does not make the room look cluttered.


Note: This is a collaborative post.
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