What to Take With You To a Rave

There’s nothing like hitting up a nice rave to enjoy loud music, great energy, and amazing friends all in one place. From the clothes to the accessories, there are some key things to include in your adventure. Here are some things to take with you to a rave. 

Know That All Raves Are Different

You’ll experience indoor and outdoor raves. Maybe indoors holographic rave clothes work best because of the lighting situation.  

If the rave is held outside, pack a lightweight jacket or a scarf because it gets cooler at nighttime. Removable layers that easily fit into a small drawstring backpack are convenient. If you want to keep a colorful look, bright pants and skirts work well to help you create the right raver appeal for the event.

If you do go with a skirt, pack some long socks because you don’t know how cold it’ll get or if there will be any drafts that can make things uncomfortable. Breathable and durable fabrics go a long way to help keep you comfortable. 

Always Think of the Right Footwear

Heels can stay at home. You may not know the surface you’re dancing on and heels aren’t the most flexible or stable for moving all night. Sandals can be cool, but just be sure you’re not on grass. 

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If it rains, your feet can get muddy from the ground. Your best bet is to wear some boots or sneakers that are black or another color that’s easy to wash and dry. As long as the material is good and you feel great dancing in them for hours, you can pick numerous choices.

Have a Small Backpack

As said earlier, a drawstring backpack works well. Make sure that it’s secured tightly so that nothing falls out. Here are some things you can store in there: 

  • Portable charger
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Keys
  • Water
  • Towel
  • Earplugs
  • Extra cash

This can come in handy while you’re moving around and storing other things besides a holographic rave shirt. Just be careful to always have it on you. If you do want to place it somewhere, have a trusted friend look after it while you’re hopping in a rave circle. 

By having the right accessories, water, and clothing items, you’ll be able to rave in style. It’s always good to have your options open depending on the type of rave you attend. 

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