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Roofing in Orlando: 3 Tips for Choosing the Right Roof

Orlando experiences its storms like anywhere else, so consideration needs to be given to protect a roof from strong winds. This means replacing or repairing a tired old roof promptly. A roof that is neglected will only result in a more costly repair bill in the end.

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Thinking about the most extreme scenario in terms of weather, engineers have developed a hexagon or octagon shape for roofs. These types of roofs are resistant to most hurricanes. Their multi-panel features will reduce wind load. Alternatively, there is the 4-slope hip roof. The principle is that multiple slopes perform better where there are situations involving high winds.

Hurricane season in Orlando, Florida is officially between 1st June and 20th November. However, from mid-August to mid-October, residents will experience the highest risk to their houses. Thankfully, most hurricanes will take a path that bypasses the state when they do hit. It will also normally be the coastal areas that are worst affected. This is no comfort if you are in that area, though. So, the best you can do is to have a shape of roof that will give you peace of mind where these conditions are a possibility.


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When choosing a roofing material, which your roofing contractor can advise you on, you must consider not just wind but also rain and extremes of temperature. In Orlando, the temperatures are moderate at either end of the scale, in comparison to much hotter and colder climates that one could be faced with elsewhere. However, Orlando does have its fair share of rain, which can be damaging to a property if allowed to collect. The unwanted collection of rainwater is avoided by the shape of the roof being more sloped to deflect it.

In terms of the most waterproof roofing material, if you have a flat roof to protect, then reinforced bitumen membranes are most commonly used. This process will involve the roofing contractor laying two or three layers of material down across the whole surface of the roof. These layers are bonded with hot bitumen.

One of the best ways to waterproof a pitched roof is to make sure that all the tiles are in good condition so that no leaks can occur. A regular inspection can be carried out by a householder or a roofing contractor, who will know just what tell-tale signs to look for.


There are things that you can do yourself to maintain your roof and make it more waterproof in addition to ones that are necessary for specialists to become involved with. These include removing dead leaves and branches from your gutters and trimming trees that grow close to your roof. If you have a head for heights, you can make sure that any missing, curling, or damaged shingles are replaced as soon as spotted. You can also add some insulation to your attic. Seams can be covered, water repellent applied, and heat tape used on gutters.

Allow for ventilation in terms of your attic space. Intake vents will allow for cool air to enter your attic whilst exhaust vents will release hot air. It is beneficial to strengthen the airflow process which takes place in this area of your home. Edge vents could be installed under soffits, or under the shingles near the drip edge of gutters for ventilation purposes.

So, to summarise, three tips for those in Orlando, or indeed elsewhere in the world when it comes to their roofs, ought to be to consider a shape that copes with storms, or to use materials that make a roof waterproof, and to think about how a roof can be maintained through general maintenance. Also, a roofing contractor should be called at the earliest opportunity when a leak can be stopped that is only going to worsen and cause further damage. Storm damage can be avoided by having a good roof, and the right roof. Storms do occur in Orlando, Florida, that residents will be aware of, and those considering a new-build ought to be aware of, too.

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