Top 3 Plans For Life After Lockdown

As lockdown slowly but surely begins to lift, those simply pleasures we’ve all missed out on feel as though they’re getting closer – things like going out for dinner, having your hair or nails done, and even just visiting family and friends are experiences we’re all excited to share as soon as possible  

And plenty of parents are dreaming about a little time to themselves as well – with schools not yet ready to re-open, many mums and dads are at their wits end trying to keep their little ones entertained! 

Then of course, there’s the big stuff. As lockdown placed our lives on hold, major life plans have had to be shelved until a later date. As it slowly begins to lift, we may still be a long way from some of them. But it’s never too soon to start planning! 

These are just three of the most popular dreams that so many of us are looking forward to living as soon as possible. 


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No one knows when international travel will be back on the table, but scrolling through dream holiday destinations imagining yourself sipping cocktails by the pool at an all-inclusive beachside resort isn’t the worst way to pass the time. 

Until you can finally go on that dream holiday, why not choose an adventure closer to home? There are plenty of stunning and magical locations that make for perfect day trips, and will allow your family to make some new memories and make up for lost time. 


Going back to school is a common pipe dream that, more often than not, remains just that. 

When you’re already juggling work, a family, and your own busy life, the idea of going back to school seems like a huge and unfeasible commitment. 

But in 2020, traditional routes of study are not the only way. Distance learning is rising in popularity, and in light of the current circumstances, it’s something that many educational institutions are having to adapt to quickly. 

But while others are just finding their feet, ARU Distance Learning are experienced in offering flexible part-time and full-time remote study options that will fit around your busy lifestyle, and their courses could be the key to life-changing new opportunities. 

Getting married 

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Thousands of weddings have been cancelled or postponed as a result of the pandemic. 

And with so many disappointed couples, it’s likely we’ll see many post-lockdown unions when the time is right. 

In fact, a wedding may be just the thing many of us need to lift our spirits after months spend apart – not to mention, it’s the perfect opportunity for a family reunion too. 

While this is amongst the most popular post-lockdown life goals, some couples have decided not to wait in the wake of cancellations, meaning Zoom weddings have joined the list of lockdown trends.

While some American states have found ways to make these ceremonies legally binding, the UK is a little behind, but the symbolic value of a virtual ceremony has been a romantic substitute for those who have to wait a little longer to seal the deal. 

What are your life plans post-lockdown? Let us know in the comments below. 


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