Melanotan 2 Australia: Definition, Usage, and Benefits

Do you want a natural tan? Of course, you do. You might have tried the tanning booths, but this method requires much effort for mediocre results. And you deserve better.

Imagine getting an organic, even tan that lasts you for months and requires less effort to attain. You’ll get your wish plus more benefits with Melanotan 2. 

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In this article, you’ll learn what this peptide is, how it works and the benefits you can expect.

Does that sound good? Read on for more.

What is Melanotan 2?

Melanotan 2 is a peptide which mimics the alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone. Scientists made this drug to stimulate the formation of your skin’s darkening pigments. Therefore, you’ll get a natural tan which protects you from harmful sun rays.

Other benefits include an increase in your libido and possibly losing weight.

How Does Melanotan 2 Work?

Melanotan gives you a tan by stimulating melanin formation. You’ll get this effect when the drug promotes the production of Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH). This molecule then activates MC1 receptors on the plasma membrane of your skin’s melanocytes. 

Your skin thus forms more pigment on the hypodermal layer, which protects you against UV radiation. Also, you’ll only get mild side effects because this product works through your body’s natural melanogenesis mechanism. 

You’ll thus enjoy all the benefits without causing abnormal cell proliferation. Also, this method requires little sun exposure to get a full tan. However, scientists still need to do more research on Melanotan 2 before authorizing public use.

What Benefits Can You Expect from Melanotan 2?

Get a Near-effortless Tan

Melanotan 2 gives you a natural tan that lasts for months even if you stop using the peptide. Moreover, you don’t have to risk damaging your skin layers by spending hours in the sun. A few minutes of basking will get you perfect, enviable skin.

Protect Your Skin

Do you have sensitive skin? This peptide offers a cost-effective way to protect your dermal layers from sunburns. So you can save your time and money from other ineffective methods during your tanning cycle. 

Melanotan 2 is 1000 times more potent and lasts longer in your body than natural alpha-MSH. Therefore, you might use this peptide to protect yourself against skin cancer. You’ll get this benefit through the melanin’s protective effect.

Enhance Your Sexual Performance

This peptide works as an aphrodisiac for both men and women. Therefore, you can inject the product to improve your prowess in the bedroom. Studies show that you’ll get this effect through the MC4 receptor.

Some data also shows that you could use Melanotan 2 to cure impotence. However, there’s still an inconclusive report on this effect. So, first, optimize your testosterone with exercise, sleep, and a good diet. Then consult your doctor if the problem persists.

Lose Weight

Cutting extra kilos is a challenging process. But Melanotan 2 can help you burn off the excess fat by reducing your appetite and boosting metabolism. You’ll thus get your desired results fast when you add a good workout and diet regimen and are consistent.

The peptide works by stimulating the conversion of your adipose tissue to brown fat. You’ll also increase the mitochondria in these cells. Both of those processes thus help you burn fat for your body’s fuel instead of storing it. 

Treat Addictions

Melanotan 2 may help you overcome addiction. 

Physicians also predict that this drug could form a new generation of rehabilitation medications. However, this area still needs more research. The current studies show data from mice addicted to alcohol. These animals experienced lesser urges to drink after getting Melanotan 2.

Side Effects of Melanotan 2

This peptide has a few side effects. For example, you might get irritation on the pricked site, reduced appetite, nausea, vomiting and a yawning-stretching complex.

Other consequences which you may experience due to long-term use include:

  • High-grade skin cancer like melanoma.
  • Deepened colour of your skin’s moles and atypical melanocytic naevi.
  • An abnormal brown to black colour of one or more nails (Melanonychia).
  • Rhabdomyolysis.
  • Encephalopathy syndrome.

How to Buy Melanotan 2

Buy Melanotan 2 in Australia and other countries from reputable vendors to prevent wasting your time and money on sub-par products. You’ll discover these sellers by researching a potential company’s online reviews and 3rd party test results. 


Melanotan 2 helps you get a natural tan that protects you from UV-B light that could cause cancer. This product may also help boost your sexual stamina, lose weight and treat addictions with little to no side effects. Purchase your peptide from good sources and enjoy!

About the writer: Nikolay Stoyanov is the director of CBDAdvertising.agency – a CBD marketing agency that has been helping hemp and cannabis brands grow their online traffic and sales since 2015.


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