Mindset and Material Goods: Downsizing Your Life With Children in Tow

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Downsizing is a necessity for a lot of us right now. With children in tow, we may feel that we can’t downsize too much and if life has forced us into this position, there are a few things that we’ve got to remember to make this downsizing journey more effective, but also ensure it’s something that we don’t regret.

How Small Are You Prepared To Go?

Downsizing doesn’t mean that you have to move into a tiny house where you are all cramped! You should take the time to figure out how small your family can actually go. You could easily downsize from a house to an apartment, and if you were thinking about this type of method to save money, there are Meriton luxury apartments that can make the transition easier.


A lot of people believe that moving to a smaller place means just packing everything and moving it from one place to another. Decluttering is the most important thing you need to do as this will give you a far better idea of the stuff you’ve got but, it also means less stuff to move! Downsizing means looking at the things that you have and deciding if they are actually adding purpose to your life. This process might not be easy, especially for children. The moving process is tough enough, and if it requires your children to give up toys, this can result in temper tantrums, which is why you need to focus on perspective. Changing their perspective, by explaining how things will benefit someone else or making the giveaway process more entertaining, can help your children come around to this idea.

Don’t Have a Wasteful Mindset

So many people have a wasteful mindset, but when we downsize, it means that everything has to serve functions and take up the least amount of space possible. You can start to plan how you store things, for example, by using multi-purpose furniture like beds or ottomans. You can also maximise corners that aren’t being used, but decluttering process could help you to develop a more streamlined mindset. When you start to think outside the box, you may find amazing ways to use storage and make your new home less restricting.

Focus on Experience, Rather Than “Stuff” 

Downsizing is a process that can make us feel like we are failing. But this is something that can benefit from a glass half full mentality. So, on moving day, start to think of this as the first day of the rest of your new lives. Downsizing is all about mindset as well as matter, so consider what you can do from now on to ensure that, as a family, you all make the most of what you’ve got. One of the best things that we can all do is to focus on experiences, rather than personal possessions, which is something that has been very popular with minimalists. Right now, with the cost of living problems and financial issues, it could help us all to change our mindset.

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