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My baby/ toddler Emergency Kit

When I was pregnant with my first son, my own mother said to me to have an emergency kit as it will be invaluable as kids have a habit of falling ill at 10.01 just as the late night pharmacy closes. I took this advice on board and created my emergency kit and if im honest it really is invaluable especially as when kids fall ill, teething etc, you cannot say to them – wait until the morning until the pharmacy opens therefore being prepared is key.
Below are the items I have in mine:
1 Thermometer – I have a Vicks one I received as a gift, it’s really easy to use.vicks

2 Pain relief – my emergency kit contains both Calpol and Nurofen and a recent addition has been Paralink

3 Teething relief – Calgel and Teetha. I have found teething can be worse when they are lying down at night time which is why I keep this handy just in case.


4 The Sniffles – Snuffle babe is the baby version of Vicks and I find it great for rubbing on feet when either of my two are a bit sniffly.

5 The Falls – plasters and lots of them in all shapes and sized!!!

6 Nappy rash – Caldescene cream and powder, find both brilliant for nappy rash.

My emergency kit also contains a list of emergency numbers, just in case – such as regular doctor, out of hours doctor and local hospital.

Ps – I am not a doctor or pharmacist!! And make sure to keep all medical supplies well out of the way of teeny hands.

Is there anything else you would add to yours?

Take Care
~Mamma F

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