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Tips for Taking Care of Your Jewellery

Everyone knows that person (or maybe it’s you) who has all their jewellery shoved into one box. It’s full of tangled up necklace, miss-matched earrings and likely a lot is broken. When properly taken care of, your jewellery can last for many years and stay in the same condition it was when you first bought it. If you invest in beautiful, quality jewellery pieces, you want them to last, so that one day you can pass them on to someone else. 

Use these tips to take care of your jewellery pieces and ensure they stay in tip-top condition. 

1.      Store in a cool, dry place

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Humidity and moisture are the biggest enemies of jewellery. Couple that with heat from either the sun or internal sources and you’ve got a potentially volatile situation for your precious pieces. Over-time heat can degrade certain materials and sunlight can distort colours. Humidity can lead to tarnishing, so keep it in a cool, dry space. 

2.      Keep chalk in your jewellery box

If you have quality silver pieces, like those from, store them with a bit of chalk. Chalk is known for its ability to absorb moisture, so it will ensure that your silver stays completely dry. On top of that, it can also filter out chemical residue that could cause damage to your jewellery. Chalk will not cause any damage to your pieces even if some of the dust gets on them. 

3.      Don’t stack it

Stacking jewellery on top of each other is asking for damage. When you pile things up, it can lead to chipping and scratching. Store your jewellery in a way that your pieces aren’t being thrown against each other every time up put something away. Any plated jewellery will easily chip, and even your non-plated items can become scratched. If you’re storing necklaces than they will become tangled and can easily break if you’re piling them all together. Instead, hang your necklaces and get a jewellery box with individual slots for your rings. 

4.      Avoid swimming

Don’t wear your jewellery when you’re swimming. Whether you’re at the beach or in a pool, both contain harmful substances that will damage your jewellery. If you’re at the beach, the saltwater will get into all the nooks and crannies of your jewellery. It can be extremely damaging and hard to clean out. Beyond that, the moisture will encourage tarnishing. If you’re swimming in a pool, you’ll be subjecting your jewellery to chlorine damage and the chemical can wear away at your pieces, making them appear dull. 

5.      Store diamonds on their own

Diamonds are the hardest stone on the planet. Though they might not feel it to the human touch, they are much harder than any other gems. If you have sapphires, emeralds, rubies or any other stones or crystals, make sure you keep them separate. Diamonds can cause severe damage to the surfaces of different gems and scratch gold and silver jewellery. Store your diamonds in their own pouches to keep them from coming into contact with any other pieces in your collection.  


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