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ORS hair products – a complete solution for your hair care

ORS hair repair treatment helps smooth and improves hair texture without leaving it heavy. If you want straight hair and, at the same time, repair it from damage, this coconut hair cream helps to moisturize, smooth hair, shine it without leaving it heavy, or leaving it excessively shiny. It will also give you more texture and movement. Also, having coconut, it has grape seeds, sweet almond oil, perfect ingredients to repair dry hair.  You can apply this cream on wet and dry hair every day.


ORS Olive Oil Girls No-Lye Relaxer System is made with olive oil, and a mixture of natural ingredients allows you to achieve smooth hair, easy to comb, and without knots for girls.

  • Aloe vera protects the scalp and skin
  • The avocado helps to moisturize the hair, conditions the hair
  • Proteins wheat helps prevent abuse of previously applied straighteners
  • Olive oil seeks shine and protects against heat

The ors hair products bring many benefits and help your hair look nice and especially healthy hair. The first thing to know is because extra virgin olive oil strengthens, repairs, and protects our hair.

It helps from the roots to the ends, strengthening the hair follicles so that it helps improve what we know as split ends and thus preventing early hair loss. This will make your hair grow fast, thick, and healthily, being easier to handle whatever the type of hair.


ORS hair humidity serum is a hair care product that comes in liquid form and is somehow thicker inconsistency.

  • The hair serum helps prevent hair from breaking and becoming brittle. You can easily design them in a plethora of modern hairstyles.
  • Hair serum contains amino acids that help protect your hair from colour or style. It also helps repair root hair follicles.
  • Sunlight, when reflected in the wholesome locks of your hair, looks brighter and exudes brightness and bright appeal.
  • Serums provide food and hair protection that oils satisfy without being fatty or fatty.
  • They make your hair in general look manageable and simple in style to try a ton of different hairstyles.
  • It also helps reduce hair loss by minimizing tangled hair.


ors olive oil edge control offers superior retention and shines with a unique formulation of olive oil hyderation, but without the residue and peeling of most gels. It softens and holds both edges of the hair relaxed and natural while adding shine and moisture without hardening the hair.

  • Non-stick, non-greasy formula, no flakes, and no residue
  • Contains Mediterranean moisturizing olive oil, nature’s secret to healthy hair
  • Ideal for relaxed and natural hair
  • Smooth and hold the hair of the head while moisturizing and contributing to the hair
  • Does not harden hair
  • Contains wheat protein for strengthening the hair and reduce breakage

If we talk about curly hair, indeed, we usually lose moisture, nutrients, vitality, and strength due to the use of dryers and irons. But by using ORS hair products in the hair, you can moisturize the hair and maintain the necessary moisture inside the hair, in addition to providing nutrients.

How should we apply Olive oil on hair?

There are different ways to carry out the application of extra virgin olive oil in the hair, but we are going to talk about the most important ones.  The olive oil extra virgin is one of the most important factors when moisturize, prevent falling hair follicles strengthen, restore and brighten hair, repair damaged points, avoid alopecia.


  •       Moisturizing mask

This mask is recommended for hair with little or no hydration. It controls dryness by providing nutrients that help keep hair moist and strengthened.

  •       Anti-frizz mask

Especially for frizzy and dull hair, to avoid this, we should only apply a few drops of extra virgin olive oil and massage the hair with the palms of the hands as a serum without rinsing the hair.

  •       Treatment for split ends

This mask repairs and protects damaged ends by providing nutrients that help restore damaged hair by preventing dryness and hair breakage. It consists of heating a few tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, once heated rub the ends of the hair with it. 


The ORS product, as hair conditioning, is one of the best natural conditioners. It brings a lot of shine and a healthy look to the hair. It has numerous hair benefits. It also keeps your hair healthy, shiny and silky. These ORS hair products are highly recommended.

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