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Planning a Family Vacation to Asia

Taiwan night market

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Many people in the world assume that once you have children, your days of exciting international travel are over. No more hiking through lush rainforests, no more snorkeling over lively coral reefs, no more sliding down cascading waterfalls. The time for adventure is over once you have a family and instead it is time to settle down and stay within the comforts of your home, looking after the little ones. But does this really have to be the case?

Of course not! The world is filled with destinations that cater to everyone, including nomadic backpackers, romantic honeymooners, and even loving families who are in search of an adventure. Asia specifically does not discriminate against travelers with young children, and you’ll find exciting cities and beaches all throughout the continent that the entire family will enjoy. Check out what each of these countries in Asia has to offer when it comes to family-friendly getaways.


The island of Bali is the best spot in all of Indonesia for a family vacation. This island is safe, clean, and the locals are extremely friendly to tourists and newcomers. The tropical climate and stunning beaches make it easy to spend the entire day on the beach building sandcastles, or in the water with some snorkeling gear. The island is well-known for having tons of options for family-friendly accommodations, and lots of hotels and resorts even offer events and activities for their younger guests.

For a day away from the beach, head to the Waterbom Bali waterpark. Your children will get the chance to interact with other kids and teens from all over the world, just by waiting in line to go down the huge water slide. Parents love relaxing along the lazy river, and there are plenty of food options for the whole family to enjoy. If your kids are interested in learning about the wildlife of the island (and around the world), look no further than Bali Safari Marine Park. It will feel like you’re spending a day out on safari in Africa, and also give you and the kids a chance to learn about the indigenous land and sea creatures of Bali.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong Sky line

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A trip to Hong Kong can mean many different things. Lots of travellers come here for the exciting nightlife scene, but many don’t know that Hong Kong offers a completely different vibe for family travellers. Take the kids to Hong Kong Disneyland, where they can experience a cultural twist on their favorite Disney movies and characters. Even if you have been to another Disney theme park somewhere else in the world, this is a must-see attraction for families, and it won’t feel like any other Disney experience you have had in the past. 

If your kids are open to spending time out on the water, take a ride on the famous Star Ferry. This historic form of transportation has been around since the late 1800’s, and carries a whopping 26 million passengers annually. Some of the best views of the island can be seen from the deck of the ferry. Other family-friendly spots are the Hong Kong Science Museum, the Hong Kong Park, and the site of the Big Buddha. You should also spend a day perusing the “Toy Streets”, an area completely dedicated to traditional and modern toys of the city.

The Philippines

There are hundreds of islands throughout the Philippines that are perfect for an exciting family vacay, but one of the best of these is Boracay. There is definitely a party vibe on certain parts of the island, but if you steer clear of these areas you won’t regret bringing your family here. There are activities for everyone of all ages, especially for older children who want nothing more than an adventure. The island is known for its amazing parasailing, SCUBA diving, snorkeling, and zip-lining.You can easily spend a day or two hopping between islands, hanging out on beaches with sand like powdered sugar and crystal clear waters.

Puerto Princesa in Palawan is another great family destination in the Philippines. Here you can travel through one of the longest underground rivers in the world – the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park – or just spend your days hanging out on the stunning beaches of Honda Bay. Planning your Philippines trip can be overwhelming, since there are so many family-oriented destinations to choose from. You can simplify things by checking out one of the many Philippines vacation packages available to travellers.


Singapore is considered to be one of the best countries in Asia for family tourism, and here’s why. The entire country is culturally diverse, so no matter where you go your children will have the opportunity to learn about a brand new way of life. The people are friendly and have colorful personalities, so treat Singapore like the ultimate classroom for your children. One of the most popular tourist sites for travelling families is Sentosa, which is literally a tropical island dedicated to a wide range of outdoor activities and amusement parks. You can choose to stay on the island for a few days or plan a day trip, but many people find that one day is not long enough to experience Sentosa to the fullest.


Last but certainly not least, Japan is another great option for a culturally eye-opening experience in Asia. You and the family will get a true taste of Japanese culture just by walking the streets of Tokyo. One of the best sites here is the Tokyo Sky Tree – the tallest tower in all of Japan. Gather the entire family here for some amazing photos (even consider sending them out as Christmas cards for all of your close friends and family members to enjoy). Other attractions near or in Tokyo are Asakusa, the Imperial Palace District, and Shinjuku. For young kids, be sure to check out the Tokyo Disney theme park. You can spend just one day here, or book a room in one of the many hotels in the area for a few days of fun, hanging out with your favorite Disney princes and princesses.

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