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Preparing for a return to the corporate world!



This one is a little light hearted, a little tongue in cheek, its my last post while on maternity leave!

The corporate world beckons from Monday morning. Its bitter sweet, I am looking forward to going back – child free toilet breaks, hot coffee, adult conversation but I will undoubtedly miss my wee men. I have been home with the pair of them for best part of a year and I will really miss them. In an ideal world id love to combine my love of writing with working at home however at this point in time im not sure id manage to make a sustainable income from it (say she while frantically googling blog/ social media success stories such as this inspiring post  london seo expert success story you’ll never believe)

On the bright side they are in very safe hands with the legend that is The Nanna Fairy.

I was sent this info graphic and did laugh at how spot on it actually is! The info graphic (see opposite) was produced by www.gotomeeting.co.uk and depicts the  50 “most annoying” or most used corporate phrases used. Having a look through it a lot of these are creeping into everyday parlance also.

There are a couple from that list that drive me to the brink!!

My personal pet hates –

  • “ducks in a row” aaarrrggghhhhh – ducks where are the ducks??! Seriously no ducks, no more mentions of ducks, whats wrong with – “get organised”??


  • “bite the bullet – ok, nobody here is biting bullets! You are perhaps making a tough decision, your in business, its an important decision, its expected. Lets talk “tough decisions” instead.


  • “Going forward” – no just no, I have never and I will never use this phrase.


There are a couple from the list I haven’t heard of. Perhaps I should go back to the office to start “opening the kimono” or “looking across the piece”!

Anybody else have pet hates from this list??

Would love to hear them.

For now im about to take this off line while I get my ducks in row, to ensure I hit the ground running while thinking outside the box!!!

Take care

~Mamma F


Note: This is a collaborative post, thanks to www.gotomeeting.co.uk for the graphic
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  • Reply Office Mum April 15, 2016 at 9:00 pm

    My pet hate, inexplicably, is the word ‘suite’. Suite of funds, suite of solutions, suite of options… I don’t know why, but I can’t stand it. Anyway, best of luck back at work!

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