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Netflix – What we have been watching, April

April saw the much anticipated arrival of the film Frozen, im sure there aren’t many of us with kids that don’t know at least some of the words to “Let it go”!


I am not joking when I say I have watched the chronicles of Anna, Elsa and co at least 20 times since the start of the month.  frozenMy 3 year old really enjoys this film and thats regardless of how many times he has seen it! For those who dont know the plot yet, in summary its typical Disney from the catchy music to the heart warming princess tale. Anna one of the main characters is on a mission to save her kingdom from perpetual winter! Along the way we meet her buddies and her sister Elsa.  The kids love it and I think it will remain a Netlix favourite for some time to come.


Other popular picks on Netflix this month for the 3 year old are:

  • Team Umizoomi (see here)
  • Paw Patrol – no explanation needed – the pups led by the ever capable Ryder, save the town from all sorts of dramas!

The grown up this month have been watching:

The True Cost

I urge you to give this documentary a watch.  It really opened my eyes. This documentary focuses on what has become known as “fast fashion“, as in those goods sold by the high street shops. It looks at where these goods are made, delving into the socia-economic impacts on the communities, the pollution, the working conditions, oppression, monopolies and farmer suicides.  truecostIt contains a mix of interviews from factory workers to factory owners.  It touches on the tragic case of the building collapse in Bangladesh killing thousands of factory workers. It looks of price monopolies for cotton and the rise in GMO cotton.  Its fascinating and appalling in equal measure.  Do watch it, its compelling viewing.


Have you watched any of the above? Would love to know you thoughts.

Take care

~Mamma F


Note:  I have received a Netflix subscription and an Apple TV in return for writing blog posts on what we have been watching.  All programme choices, comments, opinions and views are my own (or my sons where appropriate!!) 

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