Should I Send My Child to a Theatre School?

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At specialist schools for performing arts, music, or dance, these subjects aren’t seen as optional extras, they are a fundamental aspect of the overall curriculum. They cultivate young talent and train their students for a career in the arts, using rigorous coaching and practise, alongside thorough academic provisions. While it may seem like a lot to ask of a child, for those with aptitudes in the arts, it may be a better option than a mainstream school. I have teamed up with a drama school in London to explore in further detail.

A full-time theatre school is a fantastic option for students with a flair for the arts. If they were to attend a conventional school, they would have to find time in the evenings and weekends to pursue their acting interests, which can be exhausting. Their teachers may not be supportive of time off for things like auditions or rehearsals. A specialist school will provide them with the best of both worlds, because they will be able to follow their dreams unapologetically, while also benefiting from a fantastic education in academic subjects. 

Many parents don’t consider drama to be a particularly valuable subject at school, but it actually provides a range of benefits that can support a child’s progression in various areas of life. Performing on stage will help them with their confidence and their ability to communicate coherently. What’s more, they will learn the importance of working as a team and supporting their peers to ensure a performance is successful. Students are able to develop a strong sense of character and self-discipline, which might not necessarily be uncovered in a traditional classroom environment. 

Preparing for a career in the arts is fun and exciting, and it also provides youngsters with a range of unique opportunities that they might not otherwise consider. For example, they might go on to chase a career in stage, costume, or lighting design, not necessarily acting.

So, while specialist arts schools are clearly an excellent option for students who are interested and talented in this area, it’s worth considering that there are some superior arts provisions to be found in mainstream education. Only you can decide if it’s the right option for your son or daughter!


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