Low-Effort Self Care For Mums

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Though we are often taught about the value of taking care of yourself during and after pregnancy, the further you delve into motherhood, the lower       self-care drops on your list of priorities. Whether you are balancing work life and raising a family or have a million chores to work through on a single day – it goes without saying that it is often hard to spare five or so minutes to focus on yourself. Nevertheless, you must find a way to take care of yourself – as if you cannot do that, you will, in time, find it harder to take care of others.

With that in mind, here are some great examples of low-effort self-care for mums that can easily find their way into your daily routine! 

  • Understand that being a mum does not have to negatively impact your future goals and aspirations when it relates to your career – and you can find a way to have both bustling family life and a successful career – even during lockdown.  Though this may not seem like self-care, acknowledging your aspirations and allowing yourself to dream is an act of self-care, as it shows that you can still address your own needs as well as your families. 


  • Set aside 5-10 minutes each morning and evening that you can dedicate to a skincare routine. It doesn’t have to be a 45-step plan and will likely only involve a few specially-selected products that help you look and feel good. For example, if you feel as though the skin around your eyes seems particularly dry and tired, you can start using retinol creams and serums, which reduce the appearance of under-eye bags. 


  • Take a little time from your weekly routine and dedicate it to YOURSELF. Though you love your children dearly, we all need to spend some time alone – whether that means you head out on a walk, enjoy a long bath without being interrupted, or go for a facial near me in Philadelphia, PA (or wherever is local to you) is up to you – just ensure that you make time for yourself in your schedule.


  • While there are many hobbies you can try out with your kids, you should also ensure that you have some hobbies that are entirely your own too. Whether that means you sign yourself up for a new exercise class or start learning an instrument – don’t be afraid to pursue your interests or try something new. 


  • Though this may seem easier said than done, you should ensure that you get enough sleep each night. If your child is particularly young and wakes up throughout the night – try to find a way to sleep when they are sleeping – even if this means you take a quick nap during the day. The more rested you are, the better you will feel. 


  • Whether you reach out to your partner, parents or friends – venting is an essential form of self-care that every mum should take full advantage of. Whether your toddler has reached the terrible twos and developed the attitude of a teenager, or you’re feeling overwhelmed at work, venting is good for the soul – as it allows you to clearly express how you are feeling. As a result, it can reduce stress and anxiety, helping you realise that you are not alone and that there is always somebody in your corner. 
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