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5 Things To Consider When You’re Building Your Own Home


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Purchasing your own home or moving into a new house can be very exciting, but the thrill and satisfaction of actually building your own home is something completely different. To be able to visualise the house of your dreams, then put in the actual sweat and hard work in making that vision come true – it’s a feeling like no other!

But, in all the excitement, we often tend to forget or oversee certain aspects, which could cost us dearly later. So here’s a quick checklist of things to consider when you are building your own home.

1. Builder’s Insurance 

You might not think of it, or, might not think it’s important, but getting insurance for builders is crucial. The very nature of work that builders and decorators undertake is dangerous, and no matter how careful you are or whether you take adequate precautions or not, accidents can and do happen. Either in the form of injury to yourself or damage to property. So it is advisable and sensible to get builders insurance prior to starting work on your house.

2. Know Exactly What You Are Getting Into…

The prospect of building your own house might be very exciting, but know exactly what you will be getting into before taking the plunge. See if you have the time and resources (because you will need a lot of both). Know all the facts and figures and nitty-gritties of the process and ensure that you will be able to follow through and complete the project.

3. Planning Is Important

This might seem obvious but often, we don’t tend to think things through all the way to the end – and that could result in setbacks and issues later. Before ordering materials and starting work, make sure you have the whole picture in front of you. Know exact dimensions of rooms, think  of what furniture you would want and where you would like it, have a solid layout in front of you so there are no goof-ups or regrets later on!

4. As Is Planning Permission! 

This is very important – make sure you have ALL your planning/ extension permissions signed and agreed upon BEFORE you begin any work. Sometimes, these can take time to get approved, but it’s worth the wait, instead of being caught up in legal hassles or wasted time and work later on.

Take into account all the planning permissions you require – check these with your local council if you’re not sure. 

5. Consider Hiring A Designer 

Even though this is your family home and your baby, and you have the perfect vision of your perfect home in your head, sometimes, it is advisable to hire a specialist designer as well. You might know what you want but might not always be able to put pen to paper, as it were. A professional designer will know all the tricks of the trade, and the most practical ways to bring your ideas to life, and will be able to guide and instruct you through the planning process. 

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