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Sunday Fun at Tayto Park

Sunday before the school started back we hit Tayto Park for a day of family fun. We had never been before and really didn’t know what to expect. The boys are 7 and 4 so a bit mixed in terms of what interests them. The older is the ultimate thrilled seeker and my youngest man is a bit like myself, pretty much afraid of everything. Having spoke to friends who had been the advice was get there early. We arrive about 15 mins after opening and I was glad to have taken their advice, the car park was busy but there was no queue to get in.

We were kindly gifted admission for our family to Tayto Park, we got our tickets, arm bands and off we went.  It was lovely and quiet inside so we took our time to get or bearings and decide what rides we wanted to do. The first ride in our eyeline was Viking Voyage. My little man was  under the height requirement so I stayed behind with him which to be honest I didn’t mind too much when i caught sight of the dryer machines!! I won’t ruin the rides for anybody going as part of this post however suffice to say this was a mega hit! so much so it was done 3 times…..(and none of those was me!).

Given the little man was under 1.1 which tended to be the height requirement for a lot of the rides in whats known as the Eagle Zone, the youngest and I decided to head for the Zoo part to see the animals. I knew this would be a hit with my animal loving wee man.  I was really surprised with the eclectic collection of animals on show here from vultures, to lions to pygmy goats. It was still nice and quiet so we took our time and observed the animals free from the crowds.  My little man was really enthralled with the owls and the alpacas although he kept telling everybody who would listen that alpacas spit to stand back!!!

We regrouped at the Eagle’s Nest Adventure Zone which was more suited to my younger mans age and height.  It was heading towards the afternoon now and it was getting visibly busier but we didn’t queue long for any of the rides. Staff were efficient loading and reloading the rides each time. We pretty much sampled all the rides here from the honey pots, to the steam train, the rocking tug, pony rail, the Ferris wheel, the climbing wall, the shot tower and my favourite the carousel. There is something of an old school magic about a carousel. Also in this zone is the vortex tunnel, a playground and the Nissan Driving School which my oldest really loved. The height requirement for this one 1.1 which was meant a very disappointed 4 year old here. This was a busy activity which is probably the only place we queued for any length of time.

We stopped for a food break at Pizza Place which was all outdoor seating, really tasty and served quickly.  You don’t have to buy food on site there are lots of picnics spots where you can sit and enjoy your own food too. Also plenty coffee/ ice cream stops to allow you to get the breather! There are plenty toilets dotted around the place too which were really well kept.

We decided the day would not be complete without the oldest and his uncle trying the more thrill seeking rides.  First up was Flight school, i was watching from the side my heart was in my mouth!! The 7 year got off beaming – “epic, im doing that again”!! Don’t know where he got the nerves of steel from because it wasn’t me. We made our way towards the famous Cu Chulainn. You could hear to whoosh while you are in the park and my heart was racing thinking about it. We decided to try the 5D cinema before it and it was a surprise hit, we all really enjoyed it. We came out had a quick coffee and the rain!!!! Torrential would be an understatement everybody was running for cover it was insane.

At this point it has been a long albeit thoroughly enjoyable day and we decided being totally soaked but totally content to head for the car vowing to come back to experience the thrill of the Cu Chulainn.

Mamma F Insider tips

  • There are loads of picnic spots to stop and eat if you take your own food and snacks which is well worth it.
  • Take a change of clothes for the kids as they may get wet and if they are like mine they are magnets to water!
  • 1.1. seems to be the height requirement for a lot of the rides therefore measure before you go to save the disappointment. There are measures at the entrance to each ride but i think set the expectations in advance. The youngest is car crazy and really wanted to go to the Nissan Driving school but he was just shy of the 1.1m
  • Go early, get the key rides done before the crowd or even mid week if you can
  • We didn’t have a buggy but it is buggy friendly – you can also hire them from admissions
  • If you need it there is free wifi throughout the park
  • Plan your rides in advance to see if its worth the wrist band cost this will depend so much on the age to as many of the rides for younger kids are included with the admission.
  • Fossets Circus is there we missed it this time but spoke to another family who said it was just brilliant
  • I see Santa comes to Tayto Park might be worth checking out this year.


Note: We were gifted entry but not asked to write this, all thoughts, view etc are mine or the kids where appropriate.



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