The Benefits of Arts & Crafts for Children

Having arts and crafts time with your children will provide them with a lot of benefits, including boosting their motor skills, allowing them to be inquisitive and improving their mood, among others.

I’ve teamed up with this senior school in the West Midlands to provide you with the biggest benefits to arts and crafts for your child.

Creativity Skills

Your child is allowed to play with glue, cardboard, newspaper, glitter and maybe things like slime, play dough and more. All of these have many different smells and textures that will activate your child’s sensory abilities and interests. 


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They’re able to be fully creative in a safe space where they can play and create whatever they want to. Allowing your child to be creative increases their confidence, self-esteem and social skills. They’re more likely to be open, honest and comfortable speaking to their friends, teachers and parents if they’re allowed to explore things like these for themselves.

Improves Motor Skills

Creating things with clay, gluing parts to a wooden statue, or painting on a canvas – all of these are examples of your child testing their fine motor skills by using their hands and fingers with their project. 

These skills are the cornerstone of your child being able to work independently without assistance, promotes cognitive and speech development and boosts confidence over time.

Gives them a break from studies

Arts and crafts activities in both school and at home gives your child a focus away from their main school or nursery tasks while they’re still gaining new skills. It makes them feel more excited for time spent away from things they may be struggling with at school or it can be seen as a reward for hard work completed.

This exercise can be a way of improving ways to combat your child’s stress management and how to focus within a classroom with a reward-based system.


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