Fun Family Activity Ideas To Do As A Group

You and your family are likely busy with work and school most days. While it’s important to work hard, it’s also wise to make time for some fun and to be silly with your loved ones.


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You may be short on ideas or wondering what you can do as a group that will be enjoyable. The following suggestions will provide you with a list of possibilities and may spark you to think of additional options as well. No matter what you choose to do as a group, make sure you’re fully present during the activity and enjoying your quality time with your family.

Take A Trip

One fun family activity idea for what you can do as a group is to travel to a new destination. Pack up and go someplace exciting that you can explore and have some time away from your daily responsibilities. Schedule fun excursions and outings such as hiking or checking out a NZ rugby match that may be going on in the area. Travelling with your family is a great way to see the world and grow a deeper bond with the people you care about the most.

Spend A Day at the Beach

Visiting a beach is always a good option when you’re looking for things to do with your family members. Choose a day when the weather is pleasant and pack up some toys and beach gear and pick a spot in the sand where you can relax and enjoy a day in the sun. Consider grilling out nearby for lunch and participating in a variety of water sports that may be available. Have fun but also be sure to stay safe and wear a lot of sun protection.

Have A Picnic

When you have a free day then consider having a picnic with your family. It’s a fun activity that will put a smile on all your faces. Pack some delicious food and drinks and bring a few outdoor games and sports with you and enjoy eating lunch by the water or on some cool grass. Put on some music and take pleasure in being outside and spending some uninterrupted time as a group.

Plan A Staycation

Sometimes it’s fun to just stay right where you are and be a tourist in your own city or location. Another fun family activity idea to do as a group is to plan a staycation. Check out local sights and restaurants and enjoy the fact that you don’t have to get on a plane and travel far away to have a nice time. You can rent a hotel for a few nights or stay right in the comfort of your own home if you choose.  

Go to the Playground

Exercise is an excellent way to boost your moods and teach your kids how to take good care of their health. Therefore, consider going to the playground and burning energy running around at the park and climbing on the toys. It’ll be fun to explore a new playground and enjoy the nice weather with your family.


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