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The Benefits of School Uniform for Children

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Lots of kids aren’t particularly fond of school uniform, but they actually provide many benefits that you may not have even considered. They create a sense of identity for the school, by demonstrating that each student is part of a community as such, which helps them feel like they belong somewhere. As a result, students can feel a sense of pride. 

Parents may begrudge having to spend a lot of money on school uniform at the start of term, but it actually works out much cheaper than having to fill your child’s wardrobe with different outfits for each day, especially if they want to keep up with the latest trends and designer fashion. School uniform shops often have payment systems in place to help spread the cost over a few months so that it doesn’t seem as dear. I have two boys so have been lucky I can hand them down to the younger sibling and our local parents group take donations if you wish to pass on or swap uniform jumpers etc. 

Tip: Sew name tags into your child’s uniform so that if anything is misplaced, your child has more of a chance of getting it back.

Tip: Purchase the uniform in a slightly bigger size so that your child has room to grow.

School uniforms also makes it easier for teachers to ensure all students are dressed in a smart manner so that they represent the school with pride. For my boys school the uniform is prescriptive from the crested jumper and tie right down to the colour of the school socks. While my pair often moan that they would love to be able to wear their own clothes (ie football jersey!) I am fully supportive of the uniform. It helps the parents an the teachers in my view.  For example even for the teacher when out and about with their class on field trips, if each child was wearing something different, it would be much harder to monitor what they were all wearing and enforce rules about what’s acceptable. Wearing a uniform at school will also help prepare your child for the future when they may have to wear a uniform for work. 

One of the most important benefits of school uniform is that it reduces bullying and peer pressure amongst students. If children had to wear their own clothes to school, they might feel anxious that they’re not “cool” enough or worry what their friends are going to say. My boys football team have also introduced a “uniform” as the regular Saturday morning training had descended into a battle of the Premier League teams.   It makes it a lot more cohesive and gives the sense of “one team”.  A child cannot be judged or harassed about what they’re wearing if they are all wearing the same thing. 

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