The Best Baby Clothes to Buy in 2021

Did you know that parents spend between $20,000 and $51,000 during the first year of their newborn’s life? Furniture, diapers, and formula are much of these costs, however, another main contributor to this expense is clothing.  If you want to prepare for your child’s growth, you will need to start buying clothes that are worth the money.  Continue reading to discover the best places to get baby clothes so that your little one can look cute and be fashionable!

Burt’s Bees

One of the best brands of baby clothes is Burt’s Bees.

Burt’s Bees uses organic cotton material, which provides extra comfort for the little one. Onesie designs are typically inspired by earthy patterns. You can find these clothes on Amazon, their site, or at Target. 

Children love this brand because they don’t deal with scratchy tags since Burt’s Bees uses fabric. There are clothing options for boys, girls, and unisex. If you are shopping for your baby, don’t overlook these clothes.


Gerber childrenswear is often given as baby gifts because it is such a practical brand to have.

If you are looking for an affordable baby clothing brand that uses simple patterns and designs, this is the brand to shop with. Gerber has been around for more than 30 years and continues to uphold a positive reputation. 

The best part about Gerber is that if your child likes the material and you like the designs, they can wear the brand up to size 5T! Your baby will always look cute in these outfits and they mix and match well. 

Hanna Andersson

Many people recommend Hanna Andersson baby clothes because they are organic and come in many styles. 

Whether you have a newborn baby or a 1-year-old, you can find adorable clothing on the company website. Not only do they have plenty of outfits and onesies to choose from, but they also have matching outfits for the family. 

This is an excellent brand to support while shopping online because the company is sustainable. They use harm-free materials that are organic. They also use fair trade practices and try to cut back on waste. 


Shopping online for baby clothes can be a frustrating process if you want to find neutral options.

L’ovedbaby is a great company to buy from because they have muted and neutral-colored clothing. If you are also looking for onesies and sleepers with fold-over sleeves, they have many options. Fold-over sleeves act as mittens for your baby, they help prevent them from scratching themselves or getting too cold. 

This brand uses 100% organic cotton material that is rid of heavy metals and formaldehyde. Since they use such high-quality material, the clothing is comfortable for the baby and doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. 

Jazzy Organics

If you are looking for baby clothes that have bold patterns and use a lot of colors, Jazzy Organics is highly recommended. 

Jazzy Organic’s clothing comes in sizes 0 to 12 months and for kids, up to a 4T. They use certified-organic material and utilize safe farming practices to ensure that there is no cruelty. This is a great place to get rompers and bodysuits, which have become trendy for children.

As your child grows, they can still wear these clothes. This is because the cuffs and feet of the ropers fold over so that they can still fit. 

Posh Peanut

Another popular place to get baby clothes from is Posh Peanut.

Posh Peanut uses beautiful patterns and designs to create elegant clothing for your baby. They have trendy clothing items, such as rompers and tie-sleepers. By combining stylish patterns and organic materials, they create a wonderful product. 

This brand is preferred by mothers and babies because of its lightweight and comfortable material. The clothes are made from bamboo fiber, which is stretchy and breathable. Moms can find matching outfits for themselves to pair with the baby through this company. 

Gap Baby

If you are looking for a trustworthy brand that has a good reputation for creating quality clothing, check Gap.

Gap Baby clothes come in many sizes and there are different styles for newborns and growing sprouts. Depending on trends, Gap figures out the most stylish clothing for the time and incorporates it into children’s clothing. 

Soft fabrics, pastel colors, and large varieties of color are common things that Gap is known for. Shopping here is quite affordable, especially if you pay attention to their sales and savings events! 


A large competitor to Gerber and Gap Baby is Carter’s brand.

Carter’s baby clothing can be found at many stores and online. They have such a large range of options to choose from, that you can even find clothes for premature babies, under 5 pounds. Their preemie shop is highly recommended by hospitals and parents because finding the right size can be difficult at such a small stage. 

A lot of people shop for this brand because of its practicality. The company allows the use of coupons and participates in sales to keep prices competitive. Always look for an upcoming sale at your stores before buying items for your baby. 

Find the Best Baby Clothes

When it comes to buying baby clothes online or in stores, there are many factors to consider.

Organic options are beneficial to most children because they cause less skin irritation and are affordable. Whether you want intricate designs or simple patterns, there are brands that will meet your preference.

Try to stock up on clothes with fold-over cuffs and feet so that your child can wear them even as they grow. 

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about shopping for your baby and getting everything they need to be comfortable! 


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