Why Do You Need A Copywriter?

Copywriters are a set of people with specific skills – and it can take many years of experience to reach a professional level. This is why hiring a copywriter who knows how to use words is such a good idea. Trying to do it yourself may produce copy, but is it good enough?

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It is more than just acquiring a skill that dictates whether you should hire a freelance copywriter. Another reason is time. A copywriter will be able to write your website contents or brochure copy much faster than you can, as you will have business elsewhere to attend to. A copywriter can focus solely on creating the copy you need, whether this is content for contracts using platforms like https://www.templafy.com/ or it’s guest blog posts on the web.

As well as this, using a copywriter means that you are getting a truly unbiased and outside view of your work and business. If you do it yourself, you may find you’re too close to the company to be able to talk about it properly, explaining things carefully. Plus, someone who understands how their business works might write in technical, hard to understand terms – a copywriter can write in plain English. 

There are, as with every skill, some ‘tricks of the trade’ that copywriters use to ensure the copy they are writing is good enough to do the job you want it to do. This includes using SEO and writing in the correct tone. If you don’t know those tricks, you could be losing potential sales by writing your own content. It’s better to hire someone who has done it before and achieved demonstrable results.

The Difference Between A Copywriter And A Content Writer

Website copywriting services can make the difference between a satisfactory website, and one that brings in new customers on a daily basis. The more people who are looking at your website, the more likely you are to sell – and grow. But do you need a copywriter or a content writer?  

A freelance copywriter might be both a content writer and copywriter. The terms can be interchangeable and often are. However, there are differences. The biggest difference between a content writer and a copywriter is the purpose behind what they are writing. Copywriting is about writing for a promotional reason; it is advertising for marketing, in other words. Content writing is more about entertaining the reader. However, there is some crossover since copywriting can be (and should be!) entertaining, and content writing should keep people on your website for as long as possible – in order that they then buy something. 

Despite this, it can be said that copywriting is more specific, writing about one item or service, whereas content writing is a broader subject, which could – and most likely will – incorporate products and services in a general way. When it comes to branding, this is where copywriting really makes its mark, using words to set your business apart. With copywriting, the end result needs to be a sale for it to have been a successful campaign. With content writing, it should be about engaging customers and prompting more people to visit the shop, business or website. So their purposes may be slightly different, but content writing and copywriting services also share similarities.

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