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Tips for choosing wall art for your home

You will have seen over the last few years how we have undertaken two quite mega and very different renovation projects. Doing such vastly different projects –  one a modern  minimalist  city home  and the other a rustic country retreat has taught me a huge amount about renovating, furnishing and the finishing touches. I have had many conversations with experts in builders merchants, trades people, home furnishing etc and I have learned a thing or two which im quite happy to share on the blog.

While the projects were vastly different there was certainly one thing that was consistent across both and that’s wall art. Done right wall art can totally transform a room, from posters to tapestries it can add, texture, personality and pretty much transform a room into a welcoming, engaging space.  However with so much choice out there how can you choose? Below I have compiled a list of my tips gleaned over the last two years on how to choose the right wall art for your home.

  • Consider the room and size of the art you want –  for example if you are choosing art for your kitchen, you may not want large prints to overwhelm a space that already had a lot on the walls, cupboards, presses etc.  Conversely the sitting room may have very bare walls, so you can go for a large statement piece here. As a room that gets a good bit of traffic you could choose a statement piece here to provoke conversation. Maybe something that reflects your personality.

    An example of a curated collection from Fine Art America

  • Theme – one thing that I ended up doing almost subconsciously but it really works was go for themed collections in rooms. You will find good suppliers offering curated collections of art prints to help you make the decision here. This also helped us create the “feel” we wanted, for example minimalist with statement pieces in the city home and warming, rustic pieces in our  country weekend home.
  • Colour scheme – while there are no hard and fast rules here one piece of advice I got while deciding on paint for our sitting room is that it can add to the aesthetic of a room to choose art that is different shades of the main colour in the room, that can be going for softer shades of the main colour or one thing we did in our office space was go for a much bolder colour than the main room colour which really worked well.  One other tip was to use mirrors to enhance that statement piece in a room, for example a mirror on the wall opposite if that was possible.

While the above are very much tips I gleaned along the way, there are no rules. It’s your home and feel free to make that home a reflection of you and the things you like.  I hope this helps you in some way to choosing the art for you home, however truth be told the very best advice I can give is have fun.  Its an exciting part of any renovation and enjoy it.

Note: This is a collaborative post


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