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Why t-shirts make the perfect gift

Whether it is a birthday, Christmas, a special occasion or just because, you really can’t go wrong with the old reliable T-shirt, whether its Men’s T-Shirts or Women’s T-Shirts the choice is endless. So how you decide?! Well I have put together so useful tips to guide you in choosing the best choice in apparel.


Oddly enough the origins of T-shirt can be traced back to the 19th century where it was used as an undergarment. The word T-shirt entered everyday parlance in the 1920 and its stayed there ever since.  It wasn’t until the 1960s that that T-shirts became used a method of self expression, advertising and not forgetting holiday souvenirs!

Choices, choices, choices 

Turning to some of my top tips and im saying this as an avid T-shirt lover!

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  • Length – very important consideration. How often have you seen T-shirts half way up somebody’s back when they move – not a good look!
  • Sleeves – a pet peeve of mine, the sleeves should not go below the elbow…no just no!!!
  • Material – good quality material is probably critical, it helps it hang nice, it prolongs the longevity and most certainly adds to the look.
  • Express yourself – This is what i love about T-shirts the ability to use them as a form of self expression. Whether that’s to show your support for a sports team, a celebrity, a good cause or even customised using that holiday memory you want to share or even a whole class or work group T-shirt- that can even be done if you check out companies like rarecustom. It’s certainly one of the main reasons why my own wardrobe is full to the brim with a selection of greet tees!

The T-shirt has been around a very long time and it won’t be going anywhere which is why I think it makes the ideal gift whatever the occasion.


Note: This is a collaborative post


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