Tips For Improving Health This Spring


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With the arrival of spring, it is time to get back to a healthier you. If you make a few simple changes in your daily routine, it is possible to see dramatic results. A good start is to evaluate your eating habits, get your annual physical, walk instead of driving short distances and exercise more in general. 

Spring Eats 
Nice weather means that it is time to stop buying comfort food and focus on healthier eating habits. Most people put on at least several pounds over the winter months. This is quite easy to do given the relative state of hibernation everyone incurs during the colder months. As you work to make healthier eating choices in the spring, try to focus on seasonal foods. These have the most nutrients and best flavors. Plus, as an added bonus, seasonal food is less expensive. When you eat out, head to the patio and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. It will make it easier to choose salads and lean proteins over heavier, fatty dishes. 

Annual CheckUp 
Just like a car, your body needs a tune up each year. Why not do it each spring? An annual physical should be an essential part of your preventative health care strategy. By completing an annual checkup, you can stop minor problems from becoming significant and scary problems that will disrupt your life on a massive scale both personally and financially. It is just a wise step to take. And be sure to get yourself tested for everything, including STDs

One Step at a Time 
You may have fallen out of your exercise routine during the winter as the weather has been less enjoyable. Or perhaps it is time to establish an exercise routine. Do not fret. A simple walk or bike ride to the supermarket will give you the vitamin D you require to boost your mood and it will help burn the calories you have built up over the winter. Try to walk more to places that are less than a mile away. You will save money on gas and improve your health tremendously. It will also help you feel better overall and help you sleep more soundly.

Other Essentials 

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Do not forget the importance of sleep and water. By drinking plenty of water throughout the day, it will help you determine whether you are full or just thirsty. Many times, when you think you are hungry you are actually thirsty or even slightly dehydrated. It is a great idea to always bring a refillable water bottle with you everywhere you go. A lot of public places have water fountains specifically designed to refill water bottles. And sleep is critical to your health, mood and overall ability to function in life. Eliminate screens from your bedroom and you are off to an amazing start. 

This spring, it is time to restart your health routine. Be sure to eat right, exercise, get to the doctor, drink plenty of water and sleep enough. At the end of the day, as long as you treat your body right it should treat you right.

Kelly Allen a fellow blogger has a fantastic resource on body type and nutrients which is well worth checking out.

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