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Top 3 European Destinations for Foodies

If you are a foodie who loves to travel, then combining your two favourite passions when you visit new places is a must. Europe is full to the brim with culture, history, and, best of all, great food. With so many destinations to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down the best ones. Here are three top picks for your next foodie adventure.



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With extortionate amounts of fresh pasta, crisp, stone-baked pizzas, and delicious, homemade bread, Italian cuisine is arguably the best comfort food you can find. Although most people think of Rome when it comes to Italian cuisine, Naples is a fantastic choice for those who truly enjoy their food. Naples specializes in street food which can be found in all corners of this city. The friggitoria serves fried delicacies such as local fish, fresh seafood, and courgette flowers. Don’t forget the sweet and flaky Sfogliatelle for dessert.

Neapolitan Pizza

This foodie city is the original birthplace of pizza. In fact, Unesco has included Neapolitan pizza and the art of traditional pizza making (pizzaiuolo) to the Unesco’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. The art of a pizzaiuolo is traditional to the city of Naples and it involves a specific way of twirling the pizza dough before baking it in a wood-fired, brick oven. There are two versions of the traditional Neapolitan pizza. One is the Marinara which includes tomato, oregano, garlic, and oil, and the other is the Margherita, believed to be named after Queen Margherita of Savoy. The Margherita features the three colors of the Italian flag, and it is topped with tomato, mozzarella, oil, and basil.


Although the UK is not often associated with fantastic local cuisine or specialist dishes, it is home to people from many different cultures. In particular, London is a diverse city that is full of quirky eateries, fine-dining restaurants, and international cafes. Not to mention, there are a plethora of food markets to choose from too. You don’t have to travel abroad to get a taste of your favourite cuisine. Camden is home to an eclectic mix of eateries, Brixton has many multicultural restaurants to choose from, and you can feast on authentic Asian cuisine in Chinatown. In addition, there is a diverse range of cuisines to choose from in James Street. If you fancy Mediterranean food with refreshing cocktails, give Cafe Luca a go. Visit cafe-luca.co.uk to view their lunch and evening menu.


When it comes to foodie destinations, Paris cannot be missed. From morning to night, you will find great food in this lively city. France is renowned for their superb pastries and decadent desserts. Visit a local bakery for the most buttery croissants you will ever taste or a patisserie to indulge in a cream-filled delight. For those who aren’t squeamish, a visit to Paris isn’t complete without trying the escargot. The most traditional way to enjoy these specially prepared snails is in their shells and cooked with butter, garlic, and herbs.


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