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Sneaky Ways To Give Your Rooms A Modern Touch


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It is often the finishing touches that go unnoticed. You know, all the little things that help draw a room together or make it feel special. I love seeing those areas where attention to detail really make a difference. I used to notice it all the time on holiday (remember those?) when checking into a room and having a proper good look around the place.

The great thing about those finishing touches is that if you do it right, you can make any room feel more modern than it should be. It is actually surprisingly easy to achieve at home. Don’t believe me? I’m going to show how by having you look at three areas you can improve in a sneaky way to add a modern touch.

New Fixtures & Fittings

Let’s start with the least obvious and most used feature in any room. Your light switches and plug sockets are always in use, and it is easy to argue they’re taken for granted. You might paint a room and get a few splatters on them without noticing. That has to stop. You should start viewing them as an essential item in any room, and sneakily updating them is a good start.

I see in many new build homes that it is common to have shiny chrome sockets, instead of traditional white, but I’m not the biggest fan. Instead, I would recommend plates and covers in black nickel or brushed style. They help instantly make a space look modern, especially if you have them at eye level in areas like your kitchen counter, where people will pick up on it. The best part is a decently made socket only costs around £6 a pop.

Sleeker Looking Radiators

Did you go a bit mad painting all the rooms around the house last year during the first lockdown? Who could blame you?

You could throw a hundred coats on a wall, and it still won’t help a room look fresh if you have an old school radiator in the way. You know the ones I’m talking about. Radiators that used to be white but have grown to now have a slight tinge to them.

You can update radiators these days without breaking the break. For anyone with a musty radiator with a few rust spots, you can dramatically change the look of a room with an infrared glass radiator. They only need wiring to the electric to work, so no pipes or anything is sticking out of the floor. To get an idea of what I’m on about, click here to view them at Trade Radiators. They are ultra-modern and don’t break the bank either.

Trust me, have one of those on the wall, and people will start taking an interest in radiators!

Paying The Premium On Bulbs

light bulb

Pic Credit: Pixabay

Now, you don’t need to have those fancy hanging bulbs you see in restaurants and trendy cafes, but anywhere someone can see a light in a room is an opportunity to swap out the old screw-on (or bayonet!) bulbs for something a bit more modern.

Ironically, that can mean one of two things. You can either get yourself a bulb with a purposely exposed element, done so to give a little character, or you can get some wireless LED bulbs. Phillips would be the one everyone knows about, but there are other brands out there offering cheaper alternatives that hook up to your Alexa or Google speakers. 

Ironically enough, I’ve found that some of the cheaper options are sold on Amazon and Google. One in particular called hey! is only a tenner online and has a little adaptor you can pop on the bulb to use in both screw and bayonet fittings; isn’t that nifty!

Feel like making some improvements at home this summer?

There you have it. Three unique areas you can sneakily add a modern touch to any room.

If you’re lucky enough to have some time free for a little DIY love, why not following some of these tips on making improvements that will add value. And don’t forget, for any and all DIY and decorating advice, check out the latest home interior posts from the blog right here


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