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Top 5 Sunglasses Trends for Men In 2024

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Forget straw hats and swimming for a second. Summer’s here, and the hottest accessory isn’t just for the beach – it’s rocking your face! Celebrities like Chris Hemsworth are showing off cool pilot sunglasses, proving sunglasses are a must-have for expressing your unique style this season.

Sunglasses are more than just a way to shield your eyes from the sun. They’re one of the most important fashion accessories that has the power to uplift your entire look.  Adding a stylish pair to your wardrobe can take your summer outfits from ordinary to extraordinary.

This year, men’s sunglasses are all about variety. Classic pilot sunglasses are making a strong comeback, offering a timeless and effortlessly cool vibe. If you’re looking for bold styles, chunky oversized frames with eye-catching details are a great way to turn heads. For a sophisticated touch, rectangular sunglasses provide a sleek and sharp look.

Best Sunglasses Styles & Frames for Men 

Now that you’ve seen some of the classic styles making a comeback, let’s explore some of the hottest new trends in men’s sunglasses for 2024:

  • Oversized Pilot Sunglasses 

Taking inspiration from the 1930s, these timeless teardrop-shaped lenses are back in a big way. The classic metal frames get a modern update with cool, oversized black acetate versions that offer a sporty and effortlessly cool vibe.  Pair them with a casual outfit like a white graphic tee and khaki chinos for a laid-back summer look.  No one can deny how charming these sunglasses look on a man and they suit most face shapes.

  • Tortoiseshell Sunglasses 

If you prefer a sophisticated style, you can go with tortoiseshell sunglasses. These shades add a vibrant touch to your outfit with their unique patterned frames. The classic tortoiseshell features a mix of black, orange, and brown, but don’t be afraid to explore modern options with a wider colour spectrum. For a subtle look, opt for a smokey/whiskey dark tortoiseshell frame and pair it with a grey t-shirt and black ripped jeans. On the contrary, if you want a bold look, you should choose a tortoiseshell with hints of blue or green to complement a navy polo T-shirt and tan chinos.

  • Rectangle Sunglasses 

Rectangular sunglasses are a hot trend in 2024. They give a polished look, making them a perfect choice for the elegant man. These shades particularly flatter round and oval face shapes, balancing out softer features. 

While colourful lenses have their place, grey tint reigns supreme this season for its unmatched versatility. Paired with a charcoal grey suit, this combination is a surefire way to look sharp for both work and casual events.

  • Round Sunglasses 

The vintage-inspired round sunglasses are making a comeback yet again, perfect for the artistic, intellectual, and creative men. While metal frames are a nod to the retro style, acetate frames offer a more modern look. The round-shaped glasses flatter rectangular and square faces by adding softening curves. You can keep things classic with a neutral lens, or add a pop of colour to your outfit with colourful tints.

Pair the black round sunglasses with a white button-down shirt and blue jeans for a polished look. Style the colourful one with a floral shirt and solid trousers for a relaxed and cheerful vibe.

  • Geometric Sunglasses 

Octagon and hexagon sunglasses are the hottest trends, and they look way cooler than how they were shown in maths class.  These edgy sunglasses come in all sorts of colours, materials, and sizes, so you can find a pair that screams “you.”  Rocking these shades is a guaranteed way to turn heads and show off your bold style. They are perfect for brunching with friends, just throw them on with a striped shirt and denim for an effortlessly awesome look. 


Sunglasses are more than just a protective layer for your eyes; they’re a powerful fashion accessory. This summer, appreciate the variety the world of sunglasses has to offer. Whether your style leans towards timeless elegance or bold experimentation, there’s a perfect pair out there waiting to match your vibe.

Consider your face shape when choosing your sunglasses. Squares and rectangles flatter rounder faces, while round and geometric styles can soften angular features. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colour and material. Classic black and tortoiseshell frames offer timeless sophistication, while vibrant colours and acetate materials add a touch of personality. Think about the occasion too. Opt for sleek rectangular shades for a polished work look, or grab your oversized pilots for a laid-back weekend vibe. Remember, sunglasses are the finishing touch to your outfit, so have fun and express yourself! With confidence and the perfect pair of shades, you’re guaranteed to turn heads and conquer summer in style.

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