Top Tips for Helping Your Child Prepare for School Exams

For most children, exams signal a period of some stress. Even the most diligent students can feel anxiety over looming exams because there’s such a lot riding on the results. Parents too can feel concern over their child’s preparation and results – questions about how the child might cope if they don’t do well and how they can assure their child performs to the best of their ability. The absolute best solution to the anxiety which exams can bring about is preparation. Helping your child prepare for exams can really assist in many ways.

When a child has studied appropriately and for the right amount of time, there’s no reason for them to worry. Of course, there is the chance of a poor performance on the day of exams – some factors can’t be eliminated such as illness, but the main thing to remember is if your child has prepared well, then there’s every chance they will achieve good results.

Here are some top tips for helping your child prepare for their exams: 

  • Ensure you stay in touch with school and attend any meetings offered about forthcoming exams. These often include vital information such as timelines and resources which will assist your child.
  • Provide a well designed space for your child to work in. At-home-prep is vital for most children and they will need to revise prior to their exams so a desk, comfortable chair and good lighting are important.
  • Consider introducing your child to mindfulness. This relaxation technique can reduce stress considerably.
  • Make sure your child eats well and gets plenty of outdoor time.

If your child is happy and healthy there’s absolutely no reason to think they won’t do well. Another important point to remember is to discuss your child’s worries and fears with them and come up with strategies to work around any issues they might be experiencing.

If they are worried about one subject in particular, open up a conversation with their teacher about these concerns. It may be that your child simply needs a little extra tuition.

The best schools, like this independent school in Cardiff, treat every student as an individual and ensure that they have extra help where needed as well as emotional support if that’s something the child will benefit from.

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