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Top Tips for Protecting the Foundations of Your Home

Not many of us give a second thought to the foundations of our home, which is easily done considering you can’t actually see them. However, if they become damaged for any reason, you will more than likely start to notice damage above ground, such as cracked walls and outdoor paving, as well as leaky roofs. Even the grandest of homes can start to fall apart if they are not built on a strong, solid foundation.

A foundation solutions company have put together some tips below to help you protect your property’s foundations and avoid damage. 


  1. Keep nearby trees and plants sufficiently watered. If you don’t, they will soak up all of the moisture in the soil which will cause it to shrink.
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    Your building’s foundations will then shift into the new gaps within the soil, causing cracks inside your home. This is a particularly important piece of advice to remember during summer when rain becomes less frequent.

  2. In fact, avoid planting trees to close to your house. Of course, they are lovely to look at but if they’re too close to your property the roots can start to wreak havoc below ground.
  3. Monitor changes in the area. Is there any planned construction work in the area? If so, consider how it could interfere with your own property and take necessary measures to counteract them.
  4. Ensure you have sufficient drainage. Too much water can be just as problematic as when there’s not enough. With that in mind, make sure to clean out your gutters every once in a while so that they don’t become blocked with leaves and other debris. If you do have pools of water appear on your property after bouts of heavy rain, be sure to clear it away.

If you require any further advice, don’t hesitate to speak to a professional.


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