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How Does Changing Schools Affect Your Child

Children change schools for lots of reasons. Perhaps they have finished their journey at primary school and they’re moving onto secondary. Maybe they were being bullied at their last school and a fresh start is what they need. Sometimes it’s because their parents have to relocate due to work commitments. If you are considering moving your child to a new school, here is some information from pre-prep school in London on how it can affect them.

All children respond to change in different ways and while one child might hate the thought of moving to a new school, another might find it an exciting prospect. Regardless, there are big adjustments to be made at a new school. Firstly, your child will have to adapt to a new teacher and their unique teaching style. There might even be an entirely new curriculum. As a result, your child might fall behind in class and then become disinterested in their learning. It’s important that parents and teachers observe new students carefully and provide extra support if necessary. 

Your child may suffer from anxiety at their new school where they don’t know anyone. They may be upset at having to leave behind their old friends. With this in mind, it’s important to let your child stay in contact with their old friends so that they feel a little more in control. You could also arrange a playdate with the children at the new school so that your son or daughter has a couple of friends to support them when they start.

Make sure you talk to your child in-depth about the change and how they feel about it. Be honest and explain to them why they have to move schools so that they understand. Highlight the positive things about the change and give them the reassurance they need to move forward with confidence. 


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