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Have you noticed that your garden is beginning to look a bit rough around the edges?  Do you look at your neighbour’s garden and feel a pang of envy?  Then perhaps it’s time for a refresh.  There are plenty of little jobs you can do to give your outdoor space a lift. To find a quality local service, you could chat with your neighbours for a personal recommendation or even search online to locate reputable and well-reviewed handyman services near me in Houston (or wherever you are!). You are bound to find a wealth of useful options to help you fresh your garden.  Below are some top tips for making your garden look appealing again.

Repair the fencing

Fences are often the forgotten part of home maintenance, but fixing them will make a big improvement to the whole look of your garden.  You may find that the fencing only needs minor repairs.  But if a lot of the panels are broken and uneven, you may discover it’s better to look at replacing them all.  When you’re installing fences there are a few different styles you can go for, but be sure you consult your neighbours before making any decisions that will affect them.

Put up a mirror

With solid fencing now firmly in place, you could look to adding some decorative features to it.  Putting up a mirror has a few distinct advantages.  Firstly, it will add some interest, and secondly it will help make your garden space look bigger.  There are plenty of mirrors on the market that are designed especially for outside spaces, but you may decide to upcycle an old mirror instead.  Whether you go for a country cottage style wooden framed mirror or a cool and contemporary metal edged mirror, it will create an excellent focal point.

Add a simple water feature

Another garden item you could use to create an interesting focal point is a water feature.  Don’t worry, this doesn’t need to be anything as extravagant as a pond.  A container water garden with a small selection of aquatic plants is just as ideal.  Alternatively, there are plenty of ready-made, compact, water features available to buy.  You might prefer this style of water feature if you’re not particularly green-fingered!

Introduce some solar lighting

Finally, it makes sense to add some instant night-time sparkle to your garden with solar lighting.  Whether you hang string or festoon lights from your fencing, or light a path with a set of lights or lanterns is up to you.  Whatever you go for, you will be able to create a magical night-time glow with little effort or expense required.


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