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Top Tips to Transform a Steel Building into Another Room

steel garden shed

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Let’s face it, we could really all use some extra space in our home, but extensions are expensive and not always the most affordable thing to do. If an extension is too large of a project for you to take on right now, then you may want to instead think about transforming a steel building into another room for your home. So, no matter whether you are looking to create a home office, looking for a space to relax in, or want to provide a games room for the kids, a steel building can achieve this with just a few extra upgrades. There are lots of different options when it comes to steel building design so it is important to do your research to understand exactly what is is that you want.  

Carry on reading to find out more about our top tips to transform a steel building into another room.  

Installing Electricity

When creating an extra room on your home, you will want it to be a space that you feel comfortable in which for most people, this will mean running electricity to it. Whether you want to simply put on a light to complete your work or need specific electronics to be working, the process of installing electricity is crucial. Other fun upgrades that an electrician can do for you in regards to your steel building is wiring up an intercom to the main house, installing a sound system or installing the wiring for network connections. One thing that we did for our renovation is work on the room acoustics. Both of my kids play instruments (Drums, piano and guitar) and love music so the sound had to be right. Companies such as Graham Slee HiFi stock a wide range of product for this type of project such as headphone amps, interconnect cables, and amplifiers. My kids know there music and were able to guide me to the products to source for their high tech music space. 

Installing New Flooring

Before your steel building becomes an extra room that you actually want to spend time in, you will need to install new flooring. We would recommend hard flooring here over a carpet, as you may find a carpet hard to keep clean with this room being outdoors. No one wants to be constantly cleaning mud and moisture that is being dragged in by family and friends from the main house to the steel building. Furthermore, we would also recommend that you get a good sizes rug and a welcome mat to try and combat the dirt.

Adding Insulation

If you want to make the most out of your shed and give it a room-like appearance, then you may want to add insulation to it. This will provide you with a number of benefits including climate control and it will also help to buffer sounds. Installing a dry wall can then really complete the look of your steel building. You can also get your insulation sorted when you purchase your steel building by requesting it as an add-on. This is something which Armstrong Steel provide which you’ll notice if you price up a building with them through the following link: http://armstrongsteel.com/. Their insulation is a heavy vinyl backed fibreglass that eliminates condensation and ultimately saves you money on energy costs.

Climate Control

Whether it be the weather being too hot where you live or too cold, climate control is something that you will need to ensure is in good working order with your steel building. A HVAC unit is a great idea here as it can be used to both cool and heat your space as you desire between the seasons.


After making your steel building more habitable, you will then be able to add the finishing touches such as lighting that will make it feel more like an extra room on your home. You will also want to add things such as blinds to protect against UV rays and furniture to make the room useable.

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