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Bespoke Furniture – is it worth it?

bespoke furniture green chair

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I have written numerous posts about our renovation projects and one of the final pieces of the renovation is the big decision of the furniture.  We went for plain floor and walls with the objective of jazzing it up as such with some cool furniture. I wanted the basics to be neutral and stand the test of time but I was happy to experiment with fun colours and materials for the furniture.

We have some really odd and probably small rooms therefore furniture straight off the shop floor either way too big or just didn’t suit the space. So we decided to take some more time, save some more funds and go down the bespoke route for the downstairs room. We are almost there and will look forward to a big reveal shortly with some pretty impressive progress pictures.  However some of the things I have learned throughout the process is:

  • Be very clear from the outset exactly what you want
  • Consider the functionality – exactly what you want the piece to do, consider dual uses to make the most of the space particularly if its small like ours.
  • Use your budget wisely to get the most out of it, for example  consider items like gas struts to close down furniture like counter tops etc when not in use. Makes a great space saver.
  • In a similar vein – agree up front the cost – prevents surprises
  • Be patient – this took me a little while! It does take a lot more time to make a bespoke piece when compared with buying off the shelf but the end result will be totally worth it.

Check back next month to see my pieces.  This has been a total labour of love and resulted in many disagreements (arguments!) but I can finally see it all starting to come together and I am mega excited.


Note: This is a collaborative post however I retain full editorial control
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