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What Is Organic Bedding

Are you looking for new bedding? If yes, have you thought about considering organic bedding options? If the answer to that is no, we urge you to include organic bedding in your search and not just stick with conventional bedding. Just like the organic food we consume, organic bedding is made without any harmful chemicals. Additionally, organic cotton in particular is healthier for both you and the planet and is primarily what organic bedding is made from.

Let’s take a further look as to what organic bedding actually is and why you should consider it as one of your options.

It Is Healthier for the Environment

As mentioned above, organic bedding is healthier for the planet. Organic cotton is cultivated using methods that are friendly to the environment. That means it’s grown without the use of any pesticides or herbicides. It also doesn’t contain any synthetic chemicals or genetically engineered substances. In addition, it hasn’t been treated with any harsh chemical cleaners or fabric treatments.

All of this means that organic cotton really is all-natural. It also takes less water to produce organic cotton as compared to conventional cotton, which is healthier for the environment as well.

It Is Healthier for You

We alluded to this above too, but not only is organic bedding healthier for the environment, but it’s healthier for you as well. Mostly due to the lack of any chemicals being added, organic bedding is hypoallergenic. This means that there’s less of a chance of any skin or respiratory reactions being caused by the bedding. If you have sensitive skin, this is a necessity. Plus, as children and babies tend to have more sensitive skin than adults, organic bedding is a great option for their cribs and beds too. bed

It Tends to be More Comfortable

Do you want to sleep on sheets that are as soft as possible? Switching to organic sheets is the route for you. The fabric, whether cotton, wool, or otherwise, has no contact with harsh chemicals, unlike conventional fabrics. The result is a much softer sheet.

Additionally, in most cases, the cloth is woven, rather than made through chemical processing. This affects how soft, dense, and crisp the sheets feel, both when they’re new and throughout their lifetime in your home. With organic bedding, the quality is apparent even after regular washing.

Another positive is that organic bedding is better at keeping moisture away, allowing for a more breathable sleeping experience. It also keeps you cooler throughout the night. Not only will you have comfortable sheets, but your all-around sleep experience will be more comfortable too.

It Has a Natural Durability

Don’t let the softness of the sheets fool you into thinking they aren’t durable—in fact, the opposite is true. We won’t deny the fact that conventional sheets are more durable, however, organic bedding can be washed regularly and still retain its structure and its quality for a long time.

When organic bedding does become worn, you can feel confident about replacing it and sending the old to the trash. They’ll break down naturally, as they’re biodegradable. This isn’t the case for conventional bedding, which can harm the environment.

It Is Made with Higher-Quality Materials

Organic bedding is made solely from natural ingredients. There are no synthetic components, toxic chemicals, or anything of the sort. This means it was grown on an organic farm, harvested using safe methods, and then cleaned using hot water and vegan-based soaps rather than chemicals.

A conventional farm might use chemical fertilizer or pesticides in the growing process. When it’s harvested, it’s mixed with the oil and seeds of the plant, and followed by the addition of harsh chemicals to clean the cotton. This leads to lesser-quality cotton and might require further chemical treatment to increase durability. A key consideration will also be using organic laundry products to continue to maintain the integrity of your organic bedding. 

It Comes in Different Fabrics

We have talked about cotton a lot so far, as it’s the most popular material. But organic bedding comes in many of the same fabrics as conventional bedding. They’re just created using chemical-free processes. For instance, you can choose from cotton sheets and blankets, relaxed linen, bamboo, sateen, jersey, or wool.

It Does Tend to be More Expensive

One thing we don’t want to be shy about is that organic bedding does tend to be more expensive. However, this is for good reason and worth it. It takes a lot more work to be chemical- and pesticide-free throughout growing, harvest, and manufacturing. And when you choose organic bedding, you’re investing in both your health and the health of your family.

It Helps You Create an Organic Home

You might already restrict your home to organic foods and cleaning supplies, but it doesn’t need to stop with your kitchen and laundry room. Your bedroom should (and can) meet the same high standards. In addition to organic sheets, you can bring home organic mattresses, pillows, duvets, and blankets. If upgrading all your bedrooms at once sounds overwhelming, no problem. Starting one room at a time is a good idea. If you have a baby or young child, start with their bedroom before yours since their lungs and skin tend to be more sensitive.

If you’re looking into new bedding for your bedroom, don’t forget to consider organic products. As you can see, there are many benefits to choosing this option, both in terms of your health and helping to protect the environment. In addition to that, you’re creating an even better quality and more comfortable sleeping experience, and who doesn’t want that?

At Plank and Coil, we have everything you need to begin to turn your bedroom into an organic bedroom. In terms of organic bedding, we have various options of sheets, duvets, stroller blankets, shams, mattress pads, and more. We’re sure you will find exactly what you are looking for.

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