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Why is Reading so Important for Children?

Reading offers so many benefits to children. Reading not only helps learning, but it can also be used for entertainment and relaxation. Whether your child has already developed a passion for reading or they are just starting out, here are some great reasons why parents should encourage reading at home…


Regular reading of books, websites, magazines or other written materials has been proven to increase your vocabulary. When your child discovers new words, ask them to use a dictionary, or the internet to learn their meaning. This will help to enhance their vocabulary and will also benefit their writing skills.


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The more you read, the more you learn! New Beacon School believes that by encouraging your child to read regularly, you can help to expand their knowledge and spark their imagination. This will not only benefit them academically, but it will also benefit their social skills too.


Reading often will help your child to learn good sentence structure and the rhythm of words. They will also learn how to write well and how to effectively tell a story. If your child has a favourite story, you could set them a challenge to re-write their own ending to it.


If your child struggles with anxiety or has trouble sleeping, reading could be the answer! Following a good story can help your child to forget about their worries for a while. Next time your
child feels stressed, introduce them to a new book and let their imagination take them away to
somewhere new.

How can parents encourage reading?

Parents can encourage reading by incorporating it into everyday activities. Even something as simple as asking your child to read a recipe or a menu can be great practice. It is also important to show an interest in your child’s reading and ask questions about what they are reading at school. Reading together at bedtime is a nice way to show your interest and keep up a good routine.

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