Why Should I Hire a Cerebral Palsy Lawyer?

Often with medical mistakes, the last people parents think to blame are the doctors. They want to believe that because they are health professionals, they have done the best for their child and that it is perhaps nature’s way what has happened. This might be because they are being made to think that way. Not necessarily out of comfort but to avoid a possible medical negligence claim. Compensation, after all, can be an expensive bill to settle. It is, however, a lifeline to parents needing to support their child who now needs as much care and love that it can be provided with. Love is free but care is expensive.

So, we shall consider in this article the reasons why it might be time to call upon the services of a lawyer specializing in cerebral palsy.

Financial Support

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Financially, it is going to be hard bringing up a child with cerebral palsy. Whether or not it resulted from a birthing injury is irrelevant from a financial point of view, the child still needs to be cared for. Where a birthing injury can be proven, there is a chance of achieving financial stability. There is at least a case that can be fought with regards to compensation.  A specialist cerebral palsy lawyer will know just how to fight it so that your affected child can receive the best care out there to ensure they have as fulfilling a life as is possible, now this has happened. 

Improving the odds on Winning a Case

The odds on a birthing injury resulting in cerebral palsy are thankfully not that high, although high enough, but you can increase the odds when it comes to claiming compensation by hiring the right lawyer. Not one that just knows the ins and outs of the medical profession and how it works, but one that specifically knows what the condition of cerebral palsy means for a child and their family. How costly care can be to look after a child with the condition.

Securing Compensation for a Long Term Condition

Cerebral palsy caused by an injury during birth is lifechanging for the individual involved. The injury caused to the brain is permanent, so there is no chance that those affected will be able to hold down a normal job and earn a decent income for themselves. So, this makes it a condition that requires lifetime financial support, and therefore cases need to end with the families affected receiving the best outcomes financially. Once a settlement has been decided upon, then that is for the rest of a person’s life. That money needs to last for their care for however long a period that might mean. It is a difficult thing to calculate but courts have to decide. A lawyer will push for the maximum compensation possible. A cerebral palsy lawyer will push harder because they know just what impact it is having on a family and what the financial consequences for the future are likely to be.

Peace of Mind

It will provide peace of mind for the future that you fought for your child and secured them the best compensation claim possible. To have provided enough money to look after them for the foreseeable future and beyond will be comforting. Otherwise, you will always have wondered what financial help might have come your way. It is not necessarily about money but also justice for a loved one. Recognition that there was a mistake made when those involved were intent on trying to cover it up or at least were not ready to admit it when so obviously a mistake was to blame.

Helping Others

By putting in for financial compensation, and having a lawyer help you do it, you are also helping others. It might be that the birthing injury to your child was as a result of the hospital being short-staffed, because of tired staff working too many hours in one go, or because the equipment needed updating. Equally, it could have been because correct procedures were not being followed. In this instance, more training may be required for staff. You will have highlighted this with your claim that will be costly to those concerned. It may prevent someone else’s child from being injured in the same way, and avoid their family having to go through what your family has. As with the above heading, it will be “peace of mind” knowing that you have helped someone else. It is rather like allowing for an organ donation to happen despite being in the process of grieving. It is comforting to feel that we are helping others with our actions. Sometimes, we just have to fight for what we believe in, too.

In conclusion, there are many reasons to hire a cerebral palsy lawyer, ranging from the experience and chance of success that they can offer, the financial support that will follow, and the peace of mind that can be had from knowing that we have helped other children and their families by ensuring hospital procedures are constantly being improved.


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